Two Squared

Two Squared, originally uploaded by bang*.

Day 356 / 365

On a further note tommorrows post is one I’ve had in the planning for a little while. Well I say in the planning, I mean I’ve planned something special without actually thinking about what I’d do. I just say this in case a certain couple of people are wondering if I’d forgotten, no I haven’t and I think I know what I’ll do.

Good luck for tomorrow (23rd) H&G. 🙂

The Blue Bicycle – Bike Week

The Blue Bicycle, originally uploaded by bang*.

Day 223 / 365

This has been on my hit list for the 365 for quite some time. This bike lives outside a rather well known York resturant with an all too obvious name given this prop.
Safe in the knowledge that I’d be doing another bike week I kept the shot in the back of my mind until now. Luckily for me the old Blue Bicycle bike appears to have been stolen as this is a much prettier one than I remember.
Yup the summer weather was with me today.

Olympus E-P2, 35mm f1.7 so more of the odd focus / blur thing, kinda fun though.

Commuter – Bike Week

Commuter, originally uploaded by bang*.

Day 222/ 365

Another benefit of using your bike, you get to park right outside of your workplace.
The reversal of camera equipment is in full swing at the moment. Back to an Olympus PEN from the Fuji X100, I have my reasons, shear enjoyment of use is one of them.

Olympus E-P2 35mm f1.7

So the newly reformed PEN kit is;
Olympus E-P2 instead of the E-PL2 I had before. Why? well the E-P has better build quality, the shutter has a nicer sound (I’m so fickle i know) and I found a bargain of a body only deal.

Olympus electronic viewfinder VF-2 – This as I stated before is a must for these cameras in my eyes. It becomes a “proper” camera to me once this baby is on board.

Panasonic 20mm f1.7 – I LOVE this lens. I think it goes to say something when this is the only lens I ever really missed after letting it go. Also it’s the only lens I’ve ever bought a second copy of. Why do I love it so? dunno, maybe I’ll do a post on it one day when I figure that out.

Olympus OM 50mm f1.8 (via adapter) – This is the same lens I had from before as it wasn’t worth selling, after all it only cost me £6.

Finally the odd ball lens. One of the plus sides (if you’ll call it that) of micro 4/3 is that due to the design pretty much any lens ever made can be rigged to fit the camera. So now I have a 35mm f1.7 c-mount lens. What the billy-oh is c-mount? Yeah I never knew until about a week ago but it would seem that CCTV cameras can have interchangeable lenses also and these are c-mount. This on the PEN becomes a 70mm f1.7, which in my eyes is a niffty little thing indeed.

The 35mm f1.7 was used for the photograph above and you’ll notice that it’s sharp in the centre and then goes very soft at the edges, so I’m thinking this could be a fun portrait lens and also useful for some fun street stuff. I’m just messing around with it at the moment so let me get back to you once the novelty has worn off.

False Sense of Security – Bike Week 2

False Sense of Security, originally uploaded by bang*.

Day 221 / 365

Lock it or lose it. Or sometimes to those unlucky ones, Lock it and still lose it.

I thought I’d go down a slightly different path for this installment of bike week, maybe less about the actual bikes and more about the issues around them.

Bike theft would seem to be one of the downsides to bike ownership. Let’s be honest they’re pretty easy to steal, you don’t even need to learn how to hot wire them. I have a number of friends who over the last year have had bikes stolen. Some from being locked on the streets, some from garden sheds and one from the back of his van. You can spend a small fortune on locks and such but to be honest they are simply a deterrent and not guarantee of security.
Having said that one good way to increase the odds of it being there when you come back is to lock it near lots of other poorly locked or unlocked bikes. Or do what I do and employ a really big scary Russian bloke to stand next to it until you return 🙂

Fuji X100 & early morning light.

Designated Rider – Bike Week Returns

Designated Rider, originally uploaded by bang*.

Day 220 / 365

It’s the return of bike week!

One of those little city alleyways, a pub with bikes propped up outside, cobbled street and sunshine. Ah how very quaint, somewhat removed from the current issues in south at the moment.


I promised that I’d do another bike week, so here we go, another seven days of bikey shots all being well.

FGY Rider Portrait Series – No. 11 Caddy

Day 194 / 365

The eleventh from this series of planned rider portraits for Fixed Gear York.

Up this week Is Mr Michael Caddy, or Caddy for those in the know. This guy has been on the FGY radar for a while but I’ve only just managed to ride with him for the first time this last couple of weeks. Why the dirty hands, well from only three rides with this guy he’s had some oily mitts from tyre related maintainance twice, I figured it was a fitting tribute.
Top bloke and we’re all going to be a little worse off when he heads overseas later in the summer to teach English for a while.

The full series of FGY rider portraits so far can be found here.

FGY Rider Portrait – No. 10 Adam

Day187, originally uploaded by bang*.

Day 187 / 365

The tenth from this series of planned rider portraits for Fixed Gear York.

This week Adam finally got his face in front of the camera. FGY’s own champion of the spin and owner of the shiniest wheels you’ve ever set eyes upon. Ladies and Gentlemen please be upstanding for Adam the Roller Race King.

Fuji X100

Full set here

Pigeon Hop

Pigeon Hop, originally uploaded by bang*.

Day 181 / 365

I just found this little fella to be amusing as he hopped his way down the street trying to get out of my way.

Fuji X100

Kind of feeling a little flat about this weeks shots, I need to get some themes going again as the half way point of the project is coming up very soon. Maybe it’s time for Bike week part two.

FGY Rider Portraits No. 9 – Ryan

FGY Rider Portraits – Ryan, originally uploaded by bang*.

Day 180 / 365

The ninth from this series of planned rider portraits for Fixed Gear York.
Up this week it’s the turn of long standing FGY rider Ryan. The man with the (still disputed) longest skid title, currently learning to use his words in a journalistic styling. Again the look is that of a man being kept from his ale & midget gems, after a brisk chase back to the FGY office.

Fuji X100

Full set here