The Call of the Sugar

The Call of the Sugar, originally uploaded by bang*.

Day 243 / 365

Hi sugarpie!
The eternal call of sugar and spice and all things nice.
Just trying to keep some colour going on a dark day. Loved the reflections and hint of rain on the chaps shoulders.

Stocking up on 120, Ilford HP5 & Kodak Portra 400. Plus digging out a couple or more rolls of expired 220 Fuji 160S. Anyone sniff a new project in the workings? I’m planning black & white but I really haven’t shot any of the new Portra yet.

6×6 incoming!

Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon

Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon, originally uploaded by bang*.

Day 242 / 365

I don’t know I just saw it with the deep shadows in the garage behind the car and figured it would make an interesting composition.


Interesting times here at bang HQ. My normal busy period banging out some less than artistic but none the less uniquely challenging work is just around the corner. It’s the kind of work that pays the bills and allows me the freedom to carryout some of my personal and spec. work. More on this spec. work soon. . . . . .Mmmmmmm film. !?!

Signs of Autumn

Signs of Autumn, originally uploaded by bang*.

Day 228 / 365

Mmmmm pretty colours.
Acer trees have to be amongst one of my favourite plants. There’s just something about the detailed yet delicate leaves and the vibrant displays of colour they have. Soaking it all in on an overcast summers day.


Okay I ‘ve decided to split the post over a few days (although tomorrows shot is an absolute peach). So this is the last for today but hopefully it’ll put some colour into your day.
As for the Oly PEN, yes I’ve been away for a few days but in a last minute decision the PEN and it’s small travel friendly kit got dumped out of the bag and replaced with the 5D & 50mm (plus my old EOS film body and the 35mm, which didn’t get used). Why, I’m not sure but it’s the dilemma I always seem to have when selecting which cameras to take with me when I travel. It comes down to ease of transport Vs shear out and out image quality. The 5D won this time as I felt I might be wanting that depth of field control (and I’m kinda glad it did, although at times I did think I’d made the wrong choice).

Guardians of the Morning Light

Guardians of the Morning Light, originally uploaded by bang*.

Day 227 / 365

Worry not, I’m still here.
Time for a quick catch up after a few days away.
Heavy shadows and a sliver of early morning light breaking the frame.


I can’t yet decide if I should just mass post all five of this weeks missing shots, or give you two a day until I’m all caught up. I really want to drop all five as I like them all but that means some may get missed by those who like a quick scan. Hmmm I guess my decision will be obvious at the end of today.

Window to the sky

Window to the sky, originally uploaded by bang*.

Day 219 / 365

A sign that things are looking up? or perhaps just the feeling of being unable to reach the heights we feel we should reach.
Hard contrast, moody sky, stark lines.

5D / 50mm

“Cry freedom, cry”
Yup it’s one of those navel gazing, pondering ones artistic merit kind of days.

Normal service shall be resumed shortly.

Evel Knievel – Stunt Motrcycles Ahead!

Day 216 / 365

Foggy morning, first one for ages and luckily I was awake early enough to get out and shoot before the world woke up.
I’m sure most countries have road signs that can be given funny titles, here’s our acrobatic cyclist sign for Evel Knievel.

Canon 5D mkii, Sigma 50mm
I forgot how much I loved shooting these 365’s on the “real” camera, which will bring me nicely to the news I expect to give next week as the refinement of my photographic vision continues.

A Place to Write

A Place to Write, originally uploaded by bang*.

Day 215 / 365

My rule #1 for thinking through ideas and noting down thoughts is to do it in a place one can relax. This is that place and yesterday it was finished off with a pot of espresso and the sound of rain at the window.
Although I did run for cover when the thunder storm hit and the golf ball sized hail stones started bouncing off the glass.

My perfect zen.

Canon 5D mkii / Sigma 50mm

Nostalgic Glow

Nostalgic Glow, originally uploaded by bang*.

Day 91 / 365

Still with the bikes I guess. How could I not with this cheeky devil peeking at me through the window.
The light was bouncing everywhere, a little into the lens to soften things, some foreground blur to add even more haze.
Then a quick split tone in post and hey presto, nostalgic summer bike rides in a photograph.

5D / 85mm f1.2

Busy day for bang today. Stoking those fires, and having some very interesting conversations. Studio space possibilities, gallery space, buying frames, trying to quickly navigate possibly the biggest IKEA in the world (two floors!! seriously who knew they had so much of the stuff).
All that and no caffeine, I’m such a trooper right?
More will follow as these developments progress (except the speedy IKEA dash, that’s just not being realistic).

Quite a few bikes made it to the project this week, I guess I was missing them. Plus the improved weather and lighter evenings are bringing more people out on their respective steeds. I just find them lovely things to photograph.