Contre-Jour by bang*
Contre-Jour, a photo by bang* on Flickr.

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Two quick teasers from a little studio work yesterday with the Nemesis Model Management team (

Hair & Make-up Artist – Helen Archer –

Model – Olivia @ Nemesis

Plus a hint at what we came up with for new girl Natalie. I love it when you see the shot and then realise where the inspiration came from for it. Avedon has been a huge factor in a lot of my work (especially my B&W) so it’s nice to create an image which I feel pays total homage to the man and his work.

Walking upon the shoulders of giants

The image from my mind that sparked the idea for this shot. It’s amazing how our minds just hold these images until the right situation calls for them. I saw what Natalie was wearing and the big ol’ white space and figured why not give it a go.

Veruschka, Dress by Kimberly, New York, January 1967

The Trickle that sent a shiver down my spine

Day 128 / 365

I’ll let you see what you want to see and take from it what you will. The power of the photograph is for it to speak for itself, what it tells each individual may differ even though the image is constant.
Remember “All photographs are accurate, yet none show the truth” Avedon

Shot on the Olympus PEN (e-pl2) using the Lumix 20mm f1.7.

On a more blogy note, I’m due an April recap so that should be coming soon, plus I’m going to put together part two of my ongoing Olympus PEN review now that I’m happy with my kit build out.

It’s A Jungle Out There.

It’s A Jungle Out There., originally uploaded by bang*.

27 / 365

So I’m still digging doing this 365 project, it’s got me thinking more and more about photography as a whole along with it’s relation to me and my life.
Susan Sontag once wrote “Those who collect photographs collect the world.” This has always been one of my strongest convictions about photography but it was only something I realised once I read that simple quote. I’m a visual person, If I had the ability to utilise words to express my emotions and vision then I probably wouldn’t be a photographer. Luckily I’m more skilled with a camera than wordcraft. However Sontags quote goes further than that, by expressing ones vision through the medium of words or watercolour etc. you inevitably taint the truth with your emotion. Photographs tend to be more “real” in that the viewer can believe (through the understanding of how a camera functions) what they are seeing. You know the old phrase “The camera never lies” right. Well that is what Sontag was getting at. I however prefer Richard Avedon’s viewpoint in “All photographs are accurate, yet none tell the truth.”
What’s all this got to do with todays photograph? Nothing really, I just like to vent my mind every now and then and this 365 project is becoming quite a good place for me to vent my creative vision upon the world without the risk of a client thinking I’ve gone quite mad by shooting the brief and then shooting some crazy angles with killer contrast and through a sheet of purple perspex just to see what it looks like.
Oh just one more photographic quote before I go, this one is the ultimate response to the question “Why are you taking a photograph of that?” Mr Garry Winogrand says “I photograph to find out what something will look like photographed.”