Council Estate of Mind – The Quarterly #2 Editorial

So I can finally share this piece with you after the exclusivity agreement has lapsed.

This was shot last year with a super strong team made up primarily from boss models, exclusively for the fresh up coming indy mag the quarterly. These guys are a super supportive crew, trying a new method of running a magazine. Basically the general theme is agreed upon and then the creatives are allowed free reign within that to create ideas for submissions. The passion and ethos behind the magazine isn’t going unnoticed by the “establishment” either, with shout outs and features from the likes of bjp & creative review, smashing kickstarter campaigns and winning design awards. It was an honour to create something for these guys.

So to the piece;








Chiaroscuro – aka the importance of knowing light.

Apparently in the Chinese language, the coinage of the characters Shoot, Shadow, and Master form the word Photographer. Light is what will make or break a photograph. So what the bloody hell is Chiaroscuro? well photography hasn’t really been around … Continue reading

Moments of fictional reality

Late Winter, that time of year where I spend a little too much time in my head. Time considering where to head this year, how to create something different, projects I want to work on and others I really want to drop. Time to think about business and time to think about my creative process. Usually around this time of year I end up considering the tools I use and whether it’s time for a new piece of equipment or time to simplify everything. I seem most connected with my M9 50mm combination, there are other cameras I really want to love that way but they simply don’t do it for me. Trust me I’ve tried. Simplify then ??

I’m drawn to the beauty of the imperfect, the delicate tiny flaws, the nuanced variations. I’ve been told to go shoot with my heart and everything will start falling into place.
All I can say is I’m trying, I still have some bridges to burn as such but I’m trying.

The photographs with this post are some that I feel are starting towards my appreciation of the imperfect reality in the moments of fiction we create on set.

Photography Monthly Interview

Photography MonthlyJust a quick note to let you know I’m one of the contributors for the March issue of Photography Monthly. So if you want to read a little interview and listen to me bash current photography trends then go check it out (well it’s out this coming Wednesday). Also love that Ben Folds is right there with me, to me that’s awesome.

Triptych Portrait series #54 – Daniel Milnor

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Triptych Portrait Series #54 – Daniel Milnor

The series is still ongoing just a little more focused.

A selection from the full set can be found here –
Along with in a certain monthly photography magazine very soon . . . . . . .

I present to you a man I now call a friend and someone I can reach out to from time to time (or a mentor if you will) – Daniel Milnor AKA Blurbs “Photographer at large” AKA Smogranch.

DRM has been on my hit list for at least a year, I first came across his work through the Leica network. Something about his style and creativity drew me in. After a year reading his blog, following his journey and numerous email correspondences I knew this was one guy I really had to meet up with. Luckily earlier this year he was over in London doing a workshop for Blurb books so we arranged to meet up for the afternoon. He sure has a way of cutting right through the crap and getting to the nub of things, his opinions on photography and “art” in general seem to echo a lot of my own feelings so it only seemed natural that I added him to my triptych “Inspirations” series.

Find more of Daniel here;…

A place for the other stuff

A place for the other stuff

So the winter slow down always gives time to spend time on those “other” projects I have. Some of you have have known of my work for a while will probably already know I make a lot more photographs than the ones I share on here. Some of you (one of you) likes to see the odd personal shot now and then, so I’ve decided to set aside a little space just for my “other” stuff.
It’s random, but it’s an outlet for me to share the work which otherwise may not see the light of day.