In that moment I fell . . . .

In that moment I fell . . . ., originally uploaded by bang*.

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“Whomever I’m photographing, I sort of fall in love with, or rather my camera falls in love with them. It could be a boy or a girl, because it’s all a fantasy. It’s fiction. […] I feel like there is a sense that you really have to love someone to photograph them. Not in an intimate sense, but I have to fall in love with someone with my camera to make really good pictures of them. It’s almost like I get hypnotized watching them.”

Leica M8.2
40mm f/2 Summicron-C

I see the truth within your eyes despite the lies upon your face

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One of the shots from another shoot at Nemesis HQ.

Kate M after a once over from the brushes of Meg Lindow MUA.

Light provided by the easiest light source of all (sun) through a window giving a crazy mask of shadow and light.

Gear –

Canon 1dii, ef35mm f2
LR3 & Nik Color Efex Pro (I think)

So I figured I’d write a little about inspiration again after a lack of insight from me of late.
What better way I thought than to explain the probable reasons behind me making this shot.
As photographers and especially those of us working with people (be that fashion, beauty, portrait . . . . ) we are walking on the shoulders of those who came before us. The greats of photographic history. We each are knowingly or unknowingly influenced by the photographers work we have seen. Be that Bailey, Avedon, Erwitt, Lange, Leibovitz etc etc. We’re delicately driven to create work that takes pieces from all those other photographs we have liked through our lives. As we become older and perhaps wiser we start to formulate our own ideas and style, yet even that is a blend of those who came before.

So to the photograph above.
I make sure to spend time each week working through magazines and website searching for images, photographs and other snippets of inspiring media. Of late I’ve returned to the work of Peter Lindbergh. His B&W fashion portraiture to me is of the highest quality and after spending years looking at his work I’m beginning to only now realise how I can try to encompass what it is I love about that work and his style into my own. His delicate use of film stock (Panchromatic and orthochromatic films which have differing sensitivity to blue and skin tones) the sense of vulnerability he manages to capture whilst still giving his subject power in the image. Here is a man who has the skill to take the beautiful person in front of his camera and transform them into something much more than that. I often say that anyone can take a pretty picture of a pretty girl in pretty clothes sat in some pretty light, it’s what else you can bring to that situation that marks out those with a passion for creating photographs that mean something from those who just want to take a nice picture.

So what’s my take away from todays impromptu lecture?

Think about what it is you are wanting to say with your photograph. You have your subject, are you simply going to document them like some fruit bowl still life or do you want to make something which tells a story and engages your viewer?

Maybe one day I’ll put a post up saying how I try and do just that but i think before then I’ll have to look hard and deep within myself to try and figure it out.

Studio Beauty Story – Teaser

Studio Beauty Story, originally uploaded by bang*.

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60’s inspired beauty look teaser. Still need a little post work but felt obliged to share a peek of todays work asap.

Charlotte P @ Nemesis Management, Manchester

Thembi Mkandla MUA & Hair

Tech –

Canon 5Dii EF 70-200 L

28inch White Beauty dish via Bowens 500 & silver reflector (super close for softness) – Paramount lighting (clamshell).

Chloe | Beauty | Bar Lane

Chloe | Beauty | Bar Lane, originally uploaded by bang*.

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Another teaser from another shoot. (Busy week)

Photography : Mark Ivkovic
Make-Up : Meg Lindow
Hair : Alexandra Beauregard
Model : Chloe

Plus a lighter feel;

Chloe | Beauty | Bar Lane

Nemesis teaser

Nemesis teaser, originally uploaded by bang*.

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Very quick teaser from one of the latest shoots.

Sarah B – Nemesis Model Management
Lisa Murray – Stylist
M. Ivkovic – Photography

Tech babble –

Bowens Via 28″ White Beauty Dish – Camera right approx 45 degree (shadow on the right shot gives a better feel for position)

Canon 1Diii
Sigma 50mm f/1.4
125th @ f/5.6, iso160

Today we escape, we escape

Today we escape, we escape, originally uploaded by bang*.

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“Wake.. from your sleep
The drying of your tears
Today we escape, we escape”

Reworked edit from a little time ago. I wanted something really delicate for the portfolio.
Photographer : Mark IvkovicMUA & Hair : Vicki Suddaby MUAModel : Becca

Your subject is your story.

Your subject is your story., originally uploaded by bang*.

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Know your hero, and make it shine.

A little busy at the moment, on the road for a few weeks so it’ll be quiet in the in-betweens. Plenty in the pipeline though so worry not.

Photographer : Mark Ivkovic

Model : Sana

Lighting :
Bowens via 70cm beauty dish with grid.

True Story

True Story, originally uploaded by bang*.

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Orthochromatic experimentation.
Super simple, super minimal, super captivating.
When you throw away all the gloss, the stylists, the couture, the stress and struggle, all that remains is that pure connection between two people and the moments in-between. Sometimes it’s nice just to let it all go.

Model : Artemis Fauna

70cm Beauty dish above and camera right (see catch light)

True Story

Beauty & Lightness

Beauty & Lightness, originally uploaded by bang*.

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A few finals from the darkness & light beauty shoot at the Cassie Lomas Academy a month or so back. This here is Thembi Mkandlas beautiful work on the stunning Samio, thanks to Nemesis Agency.

Photographer : Mark Ivkovic
MUAs : Thembi Mkandla MUA
Model : Samio @ Nemesis Models

Beauty & Lightness

Plus a little darkness too;

Beauty in the Darkness

Darkness & Light – Behind the scenes on a beauty shoot

If I do recall a long while ago I promised some readers of this blog some more behind the shoot posts. So it’s with great fanfare and celebration I give to you a somewhat brief behind the shoot post 🙂

I’m thinking this will be a two parter simply because I’ve only quickly gone through the edits as yet and my instant favourites are all from the dark side of our concept.
For now this will be a short image based post (mainly as I don’t really have the time right now to construct a meaningful and informative post). I’ll give a little brief overview but if you really want more info drop me a comment and i’ll try to help out.

The Concept : A Double look beauty shoot based around darkness & light / masculine & feminine / B&W & colour. That kind of thing. To create a series of photographs to be shown as side by side opposite pages.

The Team : One make up artist I had previously worked with, Miss Meg Lindow and another recent product of the genius producing Cassie Lomas Academy the lovely Thembi Mkandla.

The models : Amy Gee & Zsanett from Boss Models plus Samio & Naz from Nemesis Models

The Location : The Studio @ Cassie Lomas Academy, Manchester UK

Mark Ivkovic @ bangphotography, Meg Lindow MUA, Zsanett @ Boss Models

Mark Ivkovic @ bangphotography, Thembi Mkandla MUA, Samio @ Nemesis

Mark Ivkovic @ bangphotography, Meg Lindow MUA, Naz @ Nemesis

So that’s a little clue as to what the darker look was, these are a few very early edits but I’m super happy with what we created between us.

Now for some behind the scenes images and thanks to Meg & Thembi for the first time on the blog you get to see me working 🙂

First dark look from Meg Lindow MUA @MegLindowMUA

First dark look created by Thembi

First dark look created by Thembi MUA @ThembiThems

Well okay the back of my head.

Plus a few little details from the set;

A couple of pages from my ideas book for this shoot. Proof indeed why I'm a photographer and not an illustrator 🙂

The early set up for our light and airy girly look. I changed it around a little due to a really bright spot light from the right.

Gotta dial in those exposures.

Well that’s a little insight into my world. Plus a clue as to how a photographer goes about translating an idea in his head into an actual photograph. Stay tuned for extra bits and bobs over the next week as I narrow down the edit and get ready to produce a final product.