Day 365 – Happy New Year!

Day 365 – Happy New Year!, originally uploaded by bang*.

Day 365 / 365 – DONE!

The final shot of 365 and I figured what better way to finish out the year and the project than with a little thanks to the man who kind of planted the seed to start the thing 365 days ago.
He’ll know who he is from this shot 😉

I needed some kind of personal project for the year and figured if we both set about with a 365 we’d at least be able to moan to each other about it at various parts of the year.
So thanks for hanging in there to the end with me ninja, this beers for you fella.

A Happy New Year flickrinos, i’ll be quiet for a little while whilst I get going on planning out my personal projects for 2012. The blog should keep on ticking in the meantime though.

Olympus PEN e-p2, 20mm

PS – Getting Lego for Christmas at the grand old age of 33 is awesome!

Merry Bokeh

Merry Bokeh, originally uploaded by bang*.

Day 359 / 365

Merry Christmas if that’s your kind of thing.
This is all you’re getting, it’s Christmas day and if you think i’m getting all creative when there’s people to see and gifts to give . . . . . . .. . .

Olympus PEN e-p2, 20mm

All I Want For Christmas . . . . . . for H & G

Day 357 / 365

I’m guessing congratulations are in order guys so here you go. Cons, butterflys and a little Christmas sparkle.

This shot is a slight follow on to this shot from earlier in the year.

5D2, 50mm, homemade butterfly bokeh template and a gridded speedlight.

So the story behind the shot?
Well the Love holding hands shot was found and somewhat loved by a delightful young couple from Derry, Northern Island. It seemed to strike quite a chord with them, enough for Helena to contact me to see if they could use the photograph for their wedding invitations. A deal was struck and along with that I said I’d try and put something together for the 365 photograph on the day of their wedding.
So here we are.
This is for you guys Gareth & Helena, I hope you had a super day, wishing you both all the very best for your future together.


Holmlea, originally uploaded by bang*.

Day 293 / 365

A little sneaky peek at one from todays interiors shoot for Sara at Holmlea Guesthouse getting ready for her soon to be updated website.
A lovely cosy spot for anyone wanting to spend a little time in York.