Beauty // Bronica // Bankruptcy // Black & White

Model : Ashlee VS
MUA & Hair : Vicki Suddaby
Photographer : Mark Ivkovic (Me again!)

One for the Film26 group, which is an ongoing project for me this year. This time around it’s “B”. Took the ‘B’ronica along for the ride on my last shoot, loaded with some Kodak (‘B’ankruptcy) for some ‘B’lank & white. I reckon I covered my ‘B’ases with this. The odd mark bottom left is on the neg, looks like this roll fogged a little as this was the final frame.

So then, Kodak . . . . . . . . that’s going to be springing crazy internet based fear mongering if ever anything has. It’s the end of the world!?!
No it’s just the end of a chapter, the story has a long way to go yet, with many a twist and turn remaining I’d predict.
The industry isn’t dying, it’s in a state of change and an exciting change at that. Stop looking back and thinking all the best times are behind us. This is the best shot you’ve ever got, step up and make it count or go and make room for somebody else.

Bike 645

Bike 645, originally uploaded by bang*.

Day 320 / 365

From a test roll of Portra 400 through the Bronica ETRSi 120 back which I wasn’t sure was light tight. Everything looks fine so expect some portraits from it soon.

Bronica ETRSi 75mm f2.8
Kodak Portra 400 120

Hanging with an old friend

Hanging with an old friend, originally uploaded by bang*.

Day 299 / 365

After a couple of disapointing rolls from the Yashica I decided to go back to what I now in regards medium format. Many years ago I used one of these babies on a near daily basis, luckily I’ve managed to convice this one to spend a little time with me for a couple of shoots to see how it might fit in to my current line up.
Out with the square (well it’s on the shelf), in with the 645 Bronica ETRSi. The first roll of Portra 400 should be back from the lab by the weekend.

Kodak Tri-X shaken about in D76