Lucky Dip freebie time.

Lucky Dip freebie time., originally uploaded by bang*.

As promised as a little gesture of thanks for the support & business I’ve recieved for my blog, twitter & flickr I’ve put together a little collection of desktop wallpapers all ready for downloading. There are four to choose from, all shot during my recent trip to Budapest for the series I shot out there.

I’m offering a chance for five (5) lucky folk to get the chance to download their favourite. All you need to do is comment either here for this photo, on the linked flickr post for this image or hit me up with a mention on twitter (@bangphotography). Two random comments will be chosen from here, two from the blog and the tweet that make me laugh the most will all be sent an emai linvite to head on over and download the wallpaper of their choice. I’ll do the picking on Monday (27th June) so you have until Sunday to comment/tweet. The lucky winners should be notified via email on Tuesday 28th.

Budapest Series 1 & 2 – PhotoShelter Galleries

bang | Photography Budapest series gallery

Budapest Series 1 & 2 on PhotoShelter

The series from Budapest are live, head on over to my online PhotoShelter galleries and have a look around. I finally came to the decision to break it down into two series, I’ve also added a new purchasing option to get each series as a set of postcard sized prints and save a little money.

Also keep an eye on the blog for a little special something/competition, should be announced in the next 24 hrs. How exciting.

Process of Elimination

Process of Elimination, originally uploaded by bang*.

Day 166 / 365

The selects from which my final series of prints from the Budapest series will be formed.
Real prints, the only way to edit for publication/exhibition.
First photographs I’ve had printed from the X100 also, beautiful, just beautiful.

Fuji X100

If you’ve ever pondered what my editing process is like when selecting finals for print exhibition, galleries or publication, this is kind of the final stage. Narrow down and cull and edit the edit until I’ve around four times too many prints still. Then print actual physical copies and stick them to a wall. Now I can mix, remove and juggle them to my hearts content for a few days until I get a combination which I’m totally happy with. By leaving them where I can see them I get a better understanding of which photographs go together to form the strongest cohesive series.

This photograph shows the beginning of the end of the Budapest series selection, shouldn’t be long now. I thought I’d give you a sneaky peek though.

Meep Meep!

Meep Meep!, originally uploaded by bang*.

Day 160 / 365

I figured I’d better use at least one photograph which shows a little more of Budapest than the walls.
Retrotastic but not in the final series of prints.

Fuji X100

The series is almost finalised, so I’ll get them up into the galleries sometime next week. Feel free to dig around and let me know what you think.


Pieces – Budapest Series

Pieces – Budapest Series, originally uploaded by bang*.

Day 159 / 365

Another potential for the series, bold colours and simple composition.

Fuji X100

A lot of the simplest photographs from the series were made in the old town of Buda. The streets were almost deserted, I guess that’s what led me to create such simple compositions, to give a sense of the peaceful tranquility.

Pieces I See – Budapest Series

Pieces I See – Budapest Series, originally uploaded by bang*.

Day 158 / 365

This one has made the final series of photographs for print.
In fact it’s being printed by the good people at theprintspace as I write this.

Fuji X100

Yes I’ll be renewing my online galleries once I’ve finished putting the series together, just give me a week to be sure I’m happy with the final photographs. I’m also (already) changing up a few things with regards sales and printing after getting through the initial bedding in process last week.
Stay tuned.

Pieces of me – Budapest series

Pieces of me – Budapest series, originally uploaded by bang*.

Day 157 / 365

A hint towards the series I produced during the trip.
Follow the white kitty.

Fuji X100
I guess I’ll be putting some thoughts down on the Fuji X100 in the coming days also. I’m growing less and less interested in “gear” and cameras lately, perhaps that’s a sign that I’m settled and happy with the kit I now have. Having said that I did wander into a couple of camera shops while in Hungary to look over the HUGE selection of old film cameras they had. Things of beauty, all chrome and black vulcanite leather. It’s a camera geeks fantasy, luckily as I say I’m not in the market at the moment, it’s all about the image and the craft for me these days.

Budapest Yellow On Brown

Budapest Yellow On Brown, originally uploaded by bang*.

Day 156 / 365

Rinse & repeat from the last shot.
Gotta keep your eyes open for possibilities down every side street. I have a feeling one from the series of shots I took at this spot will make the gallery.
Simple and clean.

Yellow Scooter // Brown Door // Yellow Wall

Fuji X100

Two more posts tomorrow and possibly an announcement of a little free gift from the trip for some of you. NB. I’ve not looked into the technologies required for the gifting yet so that may have to wait for a few days.

Bikes in Budapest 1

Bikes in Budapest 1, originally uploaded by bang*.

Day 155 / 365

If ever the chance arises for you to visit Budapest, then take that chance, trust me on that.

So I’m back, with a hard drive full of fresh images and a good few days posts to catch up on. With this being said I’m going to double post over the next few days until I’m all caught up. I also have a fresh series of photographs to go into my online galleries for sale once I’ve selected the finals. Some may make it here first too.
This isn’t one but you know me, if there’s a bike that matches the colours of it’s surroundings then it’s going to get photographed. Also If I can add in some spice which gives it context then all the better.

Orange // green // orange. With a little Hungarian spice.

Fuji X100