Stop waiting to be given that perfect assignment

“Stop waiting around to be given that dream assignment, give yourself that dream shoot” Penny De Los Santos

Basically something I’ve been thinking about of late, stop hanging around moaning that no one is hiring you to shoot the stuff you want to shoot. Get out there, set it up yourself and shoot it. Nike aren’t going to hire you to shoot their next campaign if all that is in your portfolio are pictures of puppies & rainbows.
Check out Penny’s great foodie images here

Ready to change your world?

Simple post for today, I guess that’s what you get when I’m on the road for a couple of days with only my iphone to blog from.
For those willing to challenge the traditional methods.
“Don’t think about how to fit into any moulds, think about how to blow those moulds to pieces!” CJ

Time to return from tumblr

So I decided to give tumble a go for my blogging needs as I was drawn in by it’s simplicity and clean design. Although it has many positives I just don’t find it as functional as WordPress. So it looks like I’m back here again.
Expect a few changes in the next day or two, I’m reinventing a little.

Welcome to the new.


Wow, how futuristic did that sound when we were kids? I’m pretty sure I remember being guaranteed robot servants and hover cars by now. Anyway to the image.

Looking Forward - Mark Ivkovic, bang photography, York based photographer

Looking Forward - Mark Ivkovic, bang photography, York based photographer

Enough of the retrospective, I know where I’m coming from, it’s time for me to figure out where I want to head.

Last year saw a lot of changes for me personally and to my world in general, my business managed to carry on the same but I feel now is the time to grab the bull by the horns and really knuckle down to some real creativity.

As I have stated previously, I’m primarily a portrait photographer, I also create some fine arty exhibition images (more to come on that, with a couple of new projects planned for my upcoming exhibition) but my main income is generated by shooting portraits. I love my job and I enjoy working for my clients. However I feel the time has come for me to head off in a new direction with my work, I see some really great images (portraits) being shot everyday by acquaintances and many of them truly inspire me to sort my head out and start being creative again. So with the new year comes a new project, aimed at getting me shooting some different styles and type of portraits. Getting me out of the studio and in to the “wild” I plan on creating an image everyday of the year, not just any image but a portrait. I’m planning on using friends, family, colleagues, clients and most probably strangers to achieve my goal.

Wish me luck.


Looking back . . . . (still)

Elle @ Pierce & Fionda Show - Mark Ivkovic, bang photo, York Photographer

Elle @ Pierce & Fionda Show - Mark Ivkovic, bang photo, York Photographer

Still spending the time in between wrapping gifts sifting through my work from the last twelve months.

This one stands out a little as I was really happy with the body of work I captured at this show. It was a pretty dark room and even though I was granted extra access and roaming rights (it’s all down to who you know) I was having to shoot at 85mm minimum without flash. This meant cranking the iso up quite a bit (not really what you want for a fashion show where details are important), luckily the big canon coped very well and help me produce some beautiful images.

The client was very pleased with the final set of images and that my friends is the aim of the game.

So until next time, Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night,


Looking back . . .

Thanks Charlie.

Charlie by M. Ivkovic, - York based photographer

by M. Ivkovic, - York based photographer

With the slow down of the end of the year (work wise anyway) I decided to sift back through my work from the last year. For predominantly a portrait photographer my flickr stream seems to be very light on portraits this year, maybe because i’ve used flickr as my escape from the daily work, or maybe because portraits are such a personal thing.

So i’ve decided to have a little retrospective over the holiday period, looking back over the last twelve months to see which work “worked” and which didn’t.

The Great British Christmas

bang photo, Mark Ivkovic, York Photographer

Great British Christmas - bang photo, Mark Ivkovic, York Photographer

Full of energy this morning due to a last-minute cancellation of my Cycle Clubs winter solstice ride out. The weather has been fantastically winter wonderland like, which is beautiful to look at but not all that cycle friendly. Decided to head out into the city early as it’s a wonderful place to be when it’s deserted, it has a feeling of expectation at the moment with all the shops bursting with Christmas gifts. I love just drifting around looking for little abstract details.

I recently received an odd little adaptor that allows one to mount Nikon lenses on a Canon EOS body, not one of the most common photographic needs but I do happen to have a lovely old manual focus nikkor 85mm f2 which is a beautiful portrait lens. It also makes for a wicked little detail finder, so that was strapped on the 5d for a fun little play thing today.

Snow is falling, all around me . . . . . .

all rights reserved, M. Ivkovic,

Stepped out early this morning after a night of falling snow. I love how fresh snow bounces light all over, got a couple of shots I was happy with, which isn’t bad as I didn’t have a shoot plan.
More snow on the way apparently, which is good for the winter landscape portfolio.

Website update

So the slow down for Christmas means I have a little more time to get all those things done I’ve been meaning to do.

One is setting up this photo blog, two is updating the website as the old one always seemed to take an age to load.

Also the update is done, I’ve run it through a couple of tests and all seems to be working on most systems and browsers. Enjoy.

I still have a two page to do list which needs clearing before the new year. Not that much of a Christmas slow down after all.