Day 109 / 365

Day 109 / 365, originally uploaded by bang*.

Carrying on with my little side project / theme.
Back to the black & white as to me that’s how I saw these when I took them. I just love the layers that are created in these shots hence why I’m spending a week exploring the subject.

On another note, I have another project I’ve wanted to do for a while that keeps bubbling up in my mind (it’s nothing to do with shop windows though). I guess that it really is a true personal project, yet it’s one that I’ve never really dared approach. I guess the fear of failure is always with me on these kinds of things, maybe the fear of rejection too. Maybe these fears are manifest from the fact I’m not 100% clear in my mind as to why I want to shoot the project, we’ll see.
So why am I writing this on my blog, why tell you I have something I want to do but am too fearful to do it? I guess my thinking is that once the idea is out, I have to act. By sharing the fact this is something I want to do, I in turn create an expectation in myself to do it. So you see the reason I’m telling you is because the only way to develop in this craft is to push your boundaries, get out of your comfort zone, take risks. I have a vision and I guess the fact it keeps bugging me is a sign that this is something I must do. Not for financial gain, not for recognition but for personal growth, to explore my photographic vision and tell a story I feel deserves to be told.

So todays lesson is just that, listen to that voice in your head, the one telling you that something is worth doing. Take risks, get out of your comfort zone.
So what if we fail, as Susan Jeffers said ”You’re not a failure because you didn’t make it. You’re a success because you tried.”

If you have a project or simply one shot you are just dying to take but can’t bring yourself to “Feel the fear but do it anyway”. Why not take that leap of faith, trust in yourself and your abilities.
Let me know if you do, we all need the support of others, we don’t have to know what you want to do, just that you’ve made the decision to do it.

Maybe tomorrow I’ll get back to photography rather than trying to start a self help group. It’s just that working and living as a photographer is so much more than lenses, f stops and shutter speeds.



The PEN, originally uploaded by bang*.

Day 94 / 365

Quick and easy was the order of the day for this shot.
I still have a number of outstanding items on the todo list for today. So it’s a quick camera shot of the lovely retro stylin’ Olympus E-PL2, sporting the Lumix 20mm f1.7 pancake lens and VF-1 viewfinder for ultimate classic looks. The thin black leather lomo strap with metal details finishes up the old school package (well for me anyway).

Shot on the 5D mkii / Sigma 50mm f1.4

I seem to have developed a cream border thing over the last few days, not sure what that’s all about (probably from me mounting & framing up a load of my work for show / sale.)

Day at the desk

Day at the desk

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4 / 365

Busy day today, first day back after the festive break with a head full of new ideas & a pretty serious (self imposed) to-do list for the week.
Accounts to get up to date, tax return to do, invoices to raise, people to call, miles to run, books to read . . . . . .
Anyway, todays shot kind of signifies the fact that not everyday in a photographers life involves being out there shooting. We spend plenty of days sat at a desk too you know (it’s just a lot easier to wander out for a coffee, or fit in a run).

Shot on the iPhone;
Lens: Roboto Glitter
Flash: Laser Lemon Gel
Film: BlacKeys B+W

(It tells me all this when I email it, handy eh?)

Todays theme tune – Beggin’, Madcon (got me through a chilly run)

Stop waiting to be given that perfect assignment

“Stop waiting around to be given that dream assignment, give yourself that dream shoot” Penny De Los Santos

Basically something I’ve been thinking about of late, stop hanging around moaning that no one is hiring you to shoot the stuff you want to shoot. Get out there, set it up yourself and shoot it. Nike aren’t going to hire you to shoot their next campaign if all that is in your portfolio are pictures of puppies & rainbows.
Check out Penny’s great foodie images here

Time to return from tumblr

So I decided to give tumble a go for my blogging needs as I was drawn in by it’s simplicity and clean design. Although it has many positives I just don’t find it as functional as WordPress. So it looks like I’m back here again.
Expect a few changes in the next day or two, I’m reinventing a little.

Welcome to the new.


Wow, how futuristic did that sound when we were kids? I’m pretty sure I remember being guaranteed robot servants and hover cars by now. Anyway to the image.

Looking Forward - Mark Ivkovic, bang photography, York based photographer

Looking Forward - Mark Ivkovic, bang photography, York based photographer

Enough of the retrospective, I know where I’m coming from, it’s time for me to figure out where I want to head.

Last year saw a lot of changes for me personally and to my world in general, my business managed to carry on the same but I feel now is the time to grab the bull by the horns and really knuckle down to some real creativity.

As I have stated previously, I’m primarily a portrait photographer, I also create some fine arty exhibition images (more to come on that, with a couple of new projects planned for my upcoming exhibition) but my main income is generated by shooting portraits. I love my job and I enjoy working for my clients. However I feel the time has come for me to head off in a new direction with my work, I see some really great images (portraits) being shot everyday by acquaintances and many of them truly inspire me to sort my head out and start being creative again. So with the new year comes a new project, aimed at getting me shooting some different styles and type of portraits. Getting me out of the studio and in to the “wild” I plan on creating an image everyday of the year, not just any image but a portrait. I’m planning on using friends, family, colleagues, clients and most probably strangers to achieve my goal.

Wish me luck.