Ready to change your world?

Simple post for today, I guess that’s what you get when I’m on the road for a couple of days with only my iphone to blog from.
For those willing to challenge the traditional methods.
“Don’t think about how to fit into any moulds, think about how to blow those moulds to pieces!” CJ

Playing with light

So I managed to make it through a brutal couple of weeks shooting and have decided to take some “me” time. As an avid user of natural light for portraits outdoors and big studio monoblocks for studio work, I decided that this summer i’m going to explore the world of strobes (as the photobloggers like to call them, we used to call them flash’s or flashguns, but hey) & off camera flash set ups. I refuse to shoot anything with a flash on top of my camera, it isn’t pretty and it shows a lack of invention. Okay maybe in a pinch i’ll put it on there but it’s going to be bounced off something.

I’ve dusted off my old strobe kit, found some new stuff, discovered some novel uses for existing kit and i’m generally having a hoot doing it. So going along with my man Chase, i’m creating and sharing my results.

Here’s a little something from the other evening, strobe info and such can be found by clicking through to my flickr stream.

Strobist portrait fun.

More info –

York Criterium Race.

It’s amazing how sometimes when I head out to shoot some stuff for myself, to play with my vision and twiddle with my creativity a job opportunity comes along. Chase Jarvis had given a lecture about this very same thing, the consequences of creativity, how sometimes when you head out to create something fun just for the hell of it, other related doors fly open and people start to want to book you more.

Needless to say, I ended up with a buyer for a good chunk of the photographs I took yesterday. All because I just picked up the camera and headed out to have some fun.

York Cycleworks Team laying down some pain.