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Tony | Cliche - Editorial by bang*
Tony | Cliche – Editorial, a photo by bang* on Flickr.

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Tony @ Cliche Model Management

Sorry old blog of mine it seems i’ve been neglecting you a little of late. Lots has been happening, plenty of new material shot, a good few irons in the fire coming up plus I’m starting to form a plan of where the second 50 Triptychs are going to take the project (once I get to 50 that is).
So for now you’re just going to have to make do with lots of beard as I splurge a little from this one. Currently formulation an editorial piece from it so enjoy.

Tony @ Cliche

Tony @ Cliche | Editorial p. 5

Spring Espresso – York Through a Holga and my Eyes

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In a slight contrast to the Leica M8 this weekend, I’ve fallen back on my trustworthy (well something like that) Holga. Ilford HP5+ for some exposure latitude and a well needed coffee break.
Oh yeah, if you’re ever in York check out my man Steve at the rather special Spring Espresso (@SpringEspresso on the twitter).

Holga 120N, Ilford HP5+ dev’ed D76 1:1 and rescued at scanning as this was rather under exposed. A little tint-orama thanks to Lightroom.

Expect more of this kind of stuff from me for a little while in between the portrait work. I have a small side project running so the Holga is getting a work out.

Once again reminded of the joy from film. Had I shot this on digital and underexposed quite so drastically I’m pretty sure it would have looked awful, this however kind of works with the whole holga / film vibe, well to me it does.

City Riding Series – Part 6

City Riding Series – Part 5, originally uploaded by bang*.

Day 254 / 365

It’s been a while since my last city riding photograph & this one was totally unplanned.
Taking the short route around the Minster and also taking a chance on not meeting a bobby on the way.

5D / 12-24mm

Check the series so far on my City Riding series on Flickr.

City Riding Series – Part 4, Motion & Colour in the Rain

Day 163 / 365

I had intended for the series to be all B&W but this one just works so much better in colour. I loved the motion, streaks of frozen rain, soft yet powerful tones and the droplets of water already on the girls shoulders. Everything about this photograph captures what it means to me to ride in the rain, a combination of childlike joy, excitement and a mild dose of terror.

Fuji X100, I got to tell you I love this camera, it’s really got me thinking about my work. It isn’t the right camera for everybody but for those who “get” the thing it’s a powerful ally.

Previous shot from the series; Part 3

Velo Style

Velo Style, originally uploaded by bang*.

147 / 365

A little bike action for the X100 for today. Loved the light and colour working together here.
I’m really enjoying the new Fuji camera, some love it, some hate it, some hype it, some dis it. Me I’m just engaged by the way it makes me work. It’s quirky for sure but maybe that’s part of its charm.

Fuji X100

The weekend approacheth and I have some time next week to get my online art print galleries updated and the online purchases set-up. All being well It’ll be up and running early next week. If you have any favourite shots from my project that you think would make good prints then let me know and they’ll get considered for the gallery too.

Sometimes the path is easy for us to follow.

137 / 365

Getting all philosophical on you today, probably as I’m currently zenning out to the new Moby album.
Similar in feel to City Riding Pt. 2, heavy black shadows framing a band of bright light, I just love the challenge of creating & finding visual balance in these simple compositions.

I’m all up to date again now with the project after a few days posting late due to working away. Although having said that it’s Wednesday tomorrow which has been Rider Portrait day and these are always shot late in the evening. Guess I’m staying up late tomorrow to get that one in on time, as these two posts in a day on the blog are probably getting annoying.

City Riding Pt. 3

City Riding Pt. 3, originally uploaded by bang*.

Day 136 / 365

Bikes in the city.

I was feeling the need for some motion today. A little “Je ne sais quoi”.
Nothing much more to add today.
It’s a darn sight better than the Custard Cream biscuit tine shot, I put some thought into this one.

City Riding : Pt 2

City Riding : Pt 2, originally uploaded by bang*.

Day 122 / 365

Another bike in motion shot. Any Cartier-Bresson fans may understand where the inspiration for this shot came from.
I love this spot in the right light, the line of light on the street is just perfect for this kind of shot.

Olympus PEN (E-PL2), 20mm

Punk & Pink


Punk & Pink, originally uploaded by bang*.

Day 80 / 365

Man I love this shot.

I saw the dress next to the flower in the street and thought hey that’s kinda cool looking.

The rest just kind of happened.
Sometimes you win, sometimes you lose, I’ll just have to remind myself about this shot next time something dosen’t pan out how I’d hope.

Fashion has many guises, style has many nuances, the power of colour however is universal. This is York proving itself a city of fashion for all.

Today’s shot chosen by Lisa as I was torn between three absolute belters today (not bad to say I’d intended on doing something completely different as I drove home from this mornings job.)

5D, 85mm @ f1.2

Don’t worry I’m still looking at the shot now trying to figure out what the odds would be that I’d get such perfectly matching colours on such completely contrasting subject ever again without setting it up.