Frames of existence


Time for a little aside, back to some personal work that used to be the norm around here. Time to take a breath or two and just let the world be seen a different way, a visual essay of a day of peace and solitude (with maybe a slight dream-like overtone).

ImageEducation from the street, life lessons served upon the bricks and mortar of our city.

ImageThe world old battle of light Vs dark, the subversive intrigue of the darkness and the signs that lure us in.


I see the way now, just a little further and the light can be found, everything seemed so clear then.


I start to feel the walls closing in around me, the nature of my organic self struggling to break free.ImageAs I stop for coffee all of a sudden the world takes on a twisted reality. . . . .

ImageMy vision begins to blur, I wonder what new trickery is a foot.

ImageDaylight and Darkness combine to confuse my senses further, perhaps I’m in a dream but I see no way out.



See it’s not all good looking people and fabulous clothing on my blog, every now and then I break out a more personal piece of photographic creativity. After all that’s the whole point of it all, creating stuff, just plain old having an idea and creating something. No agenda, no wanting payment, just creating and sharing, such is the beauty of the internet the ease with which it can be done.

Fuji X100 wandering the streets of York. Treated to my own little VSCO Film cooking.

Your subject is your story.

Your subject is your story., originally uploaded by bang*.

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Know your hero, and make it shine.

A little busy at the moment, on the road for a few weeks so it’ll be quiet in the in-betweens. Plenty in the pipeline though so worry not.

Photographer : Mark Ivkovic

Model : Sana

Lighting :
Bowens via 70cm beauty dish with grid.

Entering the Darkness

Entering the Darkness, originally uploaded by bang*.

Day 272 / 365

I seem to be properly addicted to shadows playing with light and lines at the moment. This is pretty much the same spot I shot a previous 365 and one I will probably return to again at some point as it’s such a great location when the light is just so.

Canon 5D mkii, ef 35mm f2

On the note of B&W, the urge has finally beaten me down and I’ve got three rolls of Tri-X to shoot and enough chemicals to develop them myself (as if I’m not busy enough at the moment eh). I predict this adventure may provide a humorous blog post if nothing else.

Imprisoned by the Sun

Imprisoned by the Sun, originally uploaded by bang*.

Day 143 / 365

A simple repetition of elements for a strong B&W today. Loving how the X100 files take to B&W conversion.

Fuji X100

I was talking to a couple of friends today & yesterday about the B&W period I’m having lately. I tried to figure out where it came from and the best explanations I could muster were that I’ve been spending a lot of time looking at old B&W prints & that the abundance of colour in the world at the moment made we want to go the other way. I’m sure I’ll switch back again soon but for now I’m enjoying the simplicity of monochrome.

Shutter Shadows

Shutter Shadows, originally uploaded by bang*.

Day 104 / 365

Shadow Week

Quiet day by myself in the office today, getting lots of catching up done. Feeling pretty mellow too after the Beth Orton gig last night.
Oh almost forgot, If you’re enjoying the lines and shadows this week and wonder where some of the inspiration comes from check out Ray K. Metzker and you’ll see what I’ve been looking at lately. Well actually this is what I’ve been looking at.

Olympus E-PL2, 20mm f1.7

March Review finally up on the blog.

Light / Switch

Light / Switch, originally uploaded by bang*.

Day 103 / 365

Shadow Week.

Another heavy contrast graphic image for today. I’ve never really noticed how the light falls on this wall before. Lucky for me I did today.
Not much to add today, busy day shooting and we’re off out tonight for some well earned R & R.
Busy day tomorrow too as I have about a weeks worth of email & accounts to catch up on ( ahh the glamourous life of a photographer).
So in the time you might normally spend reading my thoughts why not take a photograph, draw a picture, write a poem, just take a few minute to yourself and create something. Don’t worry about the final product just enjoy the creative process, the journey from empty space to whatever you come up with.

Love isn’t always black & white – Notes on Inspiration

Love isn’t always black & white, originally uploaded by bang*.

Day 102 / 365

Shadows Week – Day 3

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve thought about this shot. Our chairs in the window have such beautiful backs and I’ve often thought of using them somewhere in a shot. I’m also luck in that I have beautiful natural light which just pours in through the large windows of the house. Combine these two things and this photograph is what you get, make yourself up a story, read into it what you wish, see your own meaning.

On other lines I’ve rewatched a couple of videos today which I’d forgotten how strongly they affected me on first viewing.
JR is quite honestly an absolute legend to me. Sure many photographers create beautiful work, others try to tell a story through documentary pieces but this guy just tears my heart out with his understanding of the true power of photographs. I can’t really convey in words how moved I am by his work.

As a photographer and visual artist I’ve spent many years looking at thousands (if not millions) of images. Some resonate with me, some shock, others give me the warm fuzzies, but only a few times over these years has a photograph just stopped me dead, my mind blank, my heart skipping a beat or two and the tears start to roll. JR’s work does just this. When I talk about personal vision this guy has his down, he knows what he is saying and more importantly he knows how best to say it.

Work like this and it’s effect on me is what drew me to photography. The understanding of the power of a photographic image and the desire to create something that makes people think. I know a lot of photographers (I include myself here) who need to have a long hard think about what it is they are trying to achieve with their photography. Sure we have the jobs that pay the bills and we love those jobs, it’s the personal work that I’m talking about here. This is the place where we can express our personal vision, tell our story, change the world. Strong stuff eh?

May we all be inspired to think big, take risks and just try.