Benches by Door

Benches by Door, originally uploaded by bang*.

Day 76 / 365

Another drab morning weather-wise today.
I seem to be doing a lot of walking from one side of the city to the other this week which is handy for spotting these little scenes. This one is again just a few minutes from home and I guess I was drawn by the symmetry & colours all working together.

Leica DLux 4 (now it’s under threat of replacement the little leica is producing images with a much nicer look to them. Crafty little camera).
It’s probably because it keeps seeing new little cameras appearing in the office while I give them a try out, the choices are pretty huge for the person in the market for a handy, high quality, small but very usable camera at the moment. You’ve got all the new breed compacts with whistles and glitter, micro 4/3 with snazzy interchangeable lenses and the use of legacy lenses and even aps sized sensor small body jobbies. It’s insane, I’m glad I know what I want from my camera and where it has to fit in my usage roster. It’s to replace my lovely Leica DLux 4 and to a point the old rangefinder, plus it will probably be used as the always with me (so needs the small baggable factor).
I’m pretty sure I’ve found my weapon but I’ll hold back on that until I can give it a really good hammer this weekend.

Day 13 – Chuckles

Day 13 / 365 Portrait Project

Day 13 365 Portrait Project - Mark Ivkovic, York Photographer

Day 13 365 Portrait Project - Mark Ivkovic, York Photographer

The best medicine.

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Simple and emotive. That’s about it for today, simple background, black and white for simplicity and just the laughter remains.
What brought the laughter? Who knows, laughter is simple, everything else is forgotten if only for a moment.

Pixel Peep info –
Leica D-Lux 4 – I do love this little compact. For someone (me) who would so much love to own a “proper” Leica, this camera just about gives me enough of a Leica fix to feed the desire for an M. It was purchased as my everywhere else camera, ie. it goes everywhere else my other cameras don’t. It’s a handy size to pop in your bag or even pocket if you have a coat on. It produces lovely looking jpegs straight out of the camera so I never shoot RAW on it. I still consider selling it to help pay for a second hand M7, but despite my love of film the lack of people shooting it has meant a HUGE price hike for lab costs, and I think that would always be in my mind when shooting with a film Leica. I still put the odd roll through the Nikon FM2s now and again but that’s different. If I sell ALL of my current camera kit and lenses I would probably be able to get a lovely M9 plus one great lens, not sure how that would go down with my clients though. It’s a funny look for studio portraiture.