Krunchy’s, originally uploaded by bang*.

150 / 365

Sometimes all you get is a moment but that’s all you need to capture it.
Preparation is key but luck plays its part.

Lickety dog outside Krunchy’s cafe, it just made (and still does make) me laugh.

Olympus PEN (E-PL2) 20mm f1.7


Curio, originally uploaded by bang*.

Day 149 / 365

What with the Monaco Grand Prix and a lot of reading to do I struggled to come up with anything close to an idea for todays shot. Luckily I happened upon this little window scene after the storm had gone and figured it looked kind of neat.

Olympus E-PL2, 20mm f1.7

Nothing extra to add today, it is Sunday after all.

The old world in a new light.

The old world in a new light., originally uploaded by bang*.

Day 148 / 365

So it has been a busy 24 hours on the blog. A very interesting debate has begun and I’ll be honest it has me thinking more and more about my work. I guess that is where todays shot comes from, seeing my old thoughts and feelings in a new light. Or seeing them with regards others feeling and philosophies on photography.

Stop by the blog and join in if you wish, there’s already plenty to get your mind ticking over.

Olympus PEN (E-pl2) Lumix 20mm f1.7

Reds & Blues – With some initial impressions of the Fuji x100

Reds & Blues, originally uploaded by bang*.

134 / 365

Another like yesterdays post, this time I really tried to keep it to two colours. I even managed to sneak a bike in too, the first on the Fuji x100 (which is lovely by the way).
Pretty happy how these two shots work together.

Fuji x100 (RAW, LR3)

So then, the Fuji x100? What’s that all about? we thought you had fallen in love with the Olympus PEN and micro 4/3?
I know, I know, I did really enjoy shooting with the PEN and would still recommend it to anyone wanting a great, portable interchangeable lens camera system. It has great image quality and that Lumix 20mm f1.7 is a peach.
So why look to change????? Well I’ve always had my eye on the new fuji, it’s no secret around here that I have a love for Leica, one day I’ll be shooting digital M’s with beautiful Leica lenses. There is just something about the design, the retro (classic) camera feel and look to them and the craftmanship that has gone into them. Now go look at a fuji x100, see where I’m coming from?
Another reason was the whole lens thing, I have a “compact” camera (or the “not my work cameras”) camera to carry with me at all times. I want this camera to let me enjoy my photography, keep things simple and just let me concentrate on my vision. One of the great things about the micro 4/3 (PEN) systems is the whole array of lenses you can choose from. However for me wanting to keep things simple and clean, this is it’s biggest downfall. Over the last month or two I’ve spent far too much time scouring the internet and camera stores looking at lenses and accessories and all that. It’s kind of been annoying (but fun all the same). It has however been a distraction, to me my camera system is my Canon equipment, I know it inside out and blindfold, I know which lens will do what and exactly which will be needed for each job. For my “other” camera I desire simplicity, I don’t want to carry extra lenses and viewfinders (the Olympus VF-2 is still epic by the way). I want one very good lens, with character and a camera which gives me great pleasure in using, something that makes me slow down and relish in the challenges and experiences of making photographs.
Enter the Fuji x100, one fixed 35mm f2 lens, beautiful classic styling, built in optical / electronic viewfinder (finally), large sensor, great build quality and really great image quality.
I’ve only had a couple of quick jaunts into the city with it so far, sure it has a few nuances which I’ll need to adjust for but guess what? I’m manual with quick and intuitive aperture and shutter speed dials, easy iso access. It’s bliss.
I can just go and create photographs. The 35mm lens is something I can relate to, on the PEN I had 28mm and 40mm, these just aren’t focal lengths i’m accustomed to. I shoot prime lenses, I can see in 35mm, 50mm, 85mm. I know what it will look like in the viewfinder. So many times with the PEN I saw the shot, got the camera up and was greeted with an unexpected frame. Sure I can just step in or out a bit, but it just wasn’t clicking (forgive the pun) with my vision.
On the clicking side, I mentioned it in most of my notes on the PEN but the thing makes a noise. It’s an odd little noise, kind of squelchy shutter, there is no way I’m pulling off candid with that camera. You take a shot and in most situations everyone near you knows. Now I’m not talking pervy stuff here just I like a certain invisibility to my work at times, my old Leica DLux 4 and DigiLux 2 were ultimately silent, so if a job called for that I had a tool to fit. Onto the Fuji x100, hello silent again.
So here’s to some more testing of the Fuji to see if it really is the perfect camera to keep me happy until the bank manager says I can go and spend enough money to buy a car (or two) on a Leica.

Beyond the Golden Hour

Beyond the Golden Hour, originally uploaded by bang*.

Day 132 / 365

So very much beyond the golden hour.

I headed out for a solo dusk ride after wrapping up todays job edits. So peaceful as the last light of the day gave way to the darkness.
This was shot at 9:30pm and it was getting pretty dim to say the least.
So how dark was it really? Well lets just say 1/10th of a second @ f1.7 and iso 1600.
Steady hand needed.
Perhaps this is pushing the PEN a little far, lovely colours though.

Olympus PEN (E-PL2) 20mm

FGY Rider Portraits – No. 4 – Ben

Ben, originally uploaded by bang*.

131 / 365

The fourth from this series of planned rider portraits for Fixed Gear York.

Despite the “Fixed Gear York” name, any rider is welcomed who embraces the one gear to rule them all mentality.
Unfortunately this week Ben’s fixed was in the bike shop for a fettle so he brought out the big guns. Ben is a man who can find an off-road route where none exists, give him two points and some time and the man will find you a route.
Single speed + bumps + dirt = a happy Ben.

Olympus PEN, 20mm

Probably have to redo this one when the bike is back from the shop.

Do you want some cream with that brickwall?

Day 130 / 365

I just saw the funky split brick pattern by the two solid cream sections, thought it was interesting. That and It’s been a busy day so don’t have time for anything more interesting, unless you want the iphone shot I took out of the guesthouse window this morning.

Finally home after a couple of days shooting on the road, I’ve been drenched, sun blasted, wind swept and just about everything in between during these two jobs. Still my equipment stayed the course, a camera bag tied to light stand saved the loss of a brolly (and flash) plus the reflector got a good work out too (although it’s rather partial to the odd gust of wind as well, thanks needs to be given to my carbon based holders for the help).
It was good to meet a couple of our future Olympic stars though.

Olympus PEN(e-pl2), 20mm f1.7

Sunshine & Showers

Sunshine & Showers, originally uploaded by bang*.

Day 129 / 365

Rather a mixed bag of weather we had today, it certainly made working outside interesting. One minute I was having to handle extreme contrast of full sun and shadows next I was putting the brolly up to save the camera. Still we carried on regardless.

I figured it was time to bring some colour back into the project after a long stint of monochromatic photographs.

Olympus PEN (E-PL2), 20mm f1.7

The Trickle that sent a shiver down my spine

Day 128 / 365

I’ll let you see what you want to see and take from it what you will. The power of the photograph is for it to speak for itself, what it tells each individual may differ even though the image is constant.
Remember “All photographs are accurate, yet none show the truth” Avedon

Shot on the Olympus PEN (e-pl2) using the Lumix 20mm f1.7.

On a more blogy note, I’m due an April recap so that should be coming soon, plus I’m going to put together part two of my ongoing Olympus PEN review now that I’m happy with my kit build out.

Step by Step – The Olympus PEN kit is complete.

Step by Step, originally uploaded by bang*.

Day 127 / 365

More street shooting for today, just a little more abstract, so I guess that’s combining two of my popular styles. More rain to contend with too, so a second verification as to the E-PL2’s resistance to the wet splashy stuff.

Olympus PEN (E-PL2) 20mm f1.7

To be honest I shot a whole load of stuff today as I took receipt of my VF-2 this morning. What is this oddly named device I hear you cry, well it’s the one thing the PEN doesn’t have which for me it really really really needs, a viewfinder! Yup I’m a photographer who just has to be able to put a camera up to my face to frame quickly and properly. I guess it comes down to the feel of taking a photograph too, everything else is removed, it’s just me looking at the world through my frame. Don’t get me wrong composing on the rear screen of a camera has it’s benefits, plus I love shooting with my iPhone but to feel completely at home with a camera I need a viewfinder, that’s just how I roll.
What a great piece of kit it is too, it’s an electronic beasty so everything which would normally be displayed on the rear screen can be seen in the viewfinder, plus it tilts up 90 degrees so I can have a waist level looking down finder too (now that really takes me back to my old cameras, mmmmmmmmm medium format).
My PEN is now complete (well at least until that fast 12mm prime comes along). The whole kit is so small I can just throw a lens in my pocket and the camera over my shoulder and that’s me. They could sit there all day and go mostly unnoticed, that’s the kind of camera I’ve been after for a while.
My honest advice is If you have any of the micro 4/3 cameras and haven’t experienced shooting it using a viewfinder, go and track down a camera store that stocks them and give it a try. See if you can borrow it for a day and see if it’s your cup of tea. For me (and a lot of other users of these systems) it’s completed the whole thing, a very competent, compact, lightweight alternative to my dslr kit. Perfect for street, travel, everyday, always with me, art, experimental photography. All that and I don’t get a penny from Olympus in sponsorship.