Nostalgic Glow

Nostalgic Glow, originally uploaded by bang*.

Day 91 / 365

Still with the bikes I guess. How could I not with this cheeky devil peeking at me through the window.
The light was bouncing everywhere, a little into the lens to soften things, some foreground blur to add even more haze.
Then a quick split tone in post and hey presto, nostalgic summer bike rides in a photograph.

5D / 85mm f1.2

Busy day for bang today. Stoking those fires, and having some very interesting conversations. Studio space possibilities, gallery space, buying frames, trying to quickly navigate possibly the biggest IKEA in the world (two floors!! seriously who knew they had so much of the stuff).
All that and no caffeine, I’m such a trooper right?
More will follow as these developments progress (except the speedy IKEA dash, that’s just not being realistic).

Quite a few bikes made it to the project this week, I guess I was missing them. Plus the improved weather and lighter evenings are bringing more people out on their respective steeds. I just find them lovely things to photograph.