Triptychs Collection

Triptychs Collection, originally uploaded by bang*.

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The series as it currently stands.
Thirty down and a good few more ideas in the pipeline.

Maybe when I get to fifty I’ll start thinking about a book / exhibit / show or something.

On the matter of a show / exhibit I may well have something coming together which is going to blow the concept of showing work to the public to pieces.

Keep an eye out for more on this once I figure out how I can make it work.

The beauty is all around us

The beauty is all around us, originally uploaded by bang*.

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You just need to open your eyes.

Somebody was hinting that maybe I was neglecting those who come here to see a little something other than my portrait work.
Today this post is just for those very people.

I’m in the process of overhauling my online print sales site so have spent a good few hours trawling through my archive from last year. Here are a few which haven’t been published until now.

Fuji X100 (you know that camera I didn’t get on with but still took some great images with)

The beauty is all around us

The beauty is all around us
I know crazy weird right?

Exhibition & chance to buy my work. Coffee Culture, York

Coffee Culture – Upstairs, originally uploaded by bang*.

Coffee, Cake & Photographs. A perfect combination.

Here’s a quick shot of some of my work in place, It’s spread over all three floors. The ground floor ones look really good but I’ve not had chance to get that shot yet.

Where to see the goods;

Coffee Culture

Go look, these prints are priced to sell. Although Nick & Analise may begrudge taking them off the walls 😉

21 / 365

21 / 365, originally uploaded by bang*.

More leaves today.
I picked up a few skeleton leaves from the art shop to play around some more with the set-up from the last few days. Today’s shots started with a similar feel to yesterdays but soon drifted off in a different direction, with me realising that by emulating infra-red film the leaf would be rendered pretty much black in a black & white print, interesting. I also shot a really lovely final piece for the collection which may well end up on flickr before it gets printed up with the others (no promises).

Shot with the lensbaby again, this time with the f8 aperture ring in, which in all honesty isn’t something i’d like to use off a tripod or in lower light as the finder gets pretty dark for focusing. I just wanted a larger “sweetspot” of focus for this and that’s the way to get one with the lensbaby.
One piece of advice for any lensbaby users, if you have the time and availability, shoot from a tripod and use live view zoomed in to nail the focus. Something I learned from using the tilt-shift lenses last year.

Well this shot closes out week three of my project, I’m really happy with some of the photographs but admit that there are some duds too. Maybe I’ll do a monthly review at the end of Jan to give a little insight, we’ll see.

New art cards and prints from this collection available soon, keep popping back for details.