Sixties inspired beauty story

. . . ., originally uploaded by bang*.

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Charlotte P @ Nemesis
Thembi Mkandla MUA & Hair

Info –

Canon 5D mkii
EF 70-200 L

28 inch beauty dish via Bowens 500 very slightly off centre front and above. White reflector below.

A couple from a full day in the studio shooting four beauty looks Thembi and myself wanted to try.
It’s always fun to see how one girl can look so different from the moment she walks through that door in the morning to the shots we get.

Lost in a dream.

This one I posted a teaser of a week back, so if you want to see how much reworking I do have a scroll back through the posts and compare . . . . .
I really really adore this photograph, I usually find myself with a feeling of almost disappointment when I show my final images, probably mainly due to my own very high expectations of myself. Sure I like what I create but I don’t LOVE it. From this shoot I think I’m closer to love.

Plus a peek of look #3

Studio Beauty Story – Teaser

Studio Beauty Story, originally uploaded by bang*.

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60’s inspired beauty look teaser. Still need a little post work but felt obliged to share a peek of todays work asap.

Charlotte P @ Nemesis Management, Manchester

Thembi Mkandla MUA & Hair

Tech –

Canon 5Dii EF 70-200 L

28inch White Beauty dish via Bowens 500 & silver reflector (super close for softness) – Paramount lighting (clamshell).

True Story

True Story, originally uploaded by bang*.

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Orthochromatic experimentation.
Super simple, super minimal, super captivating.
When you throw away all the gloss, the stylists, the couture, the stress and struggle, all that remains is that pure connection between two people and the moments in-between. Sometimes it’s nice just to let it all go.

Model : Artemis Fauna

70cm Beauty dish above and camera right (see catch light)

True Story

Day 3/365

3/365 –

3 365 Moment, Mark Ivkovic, York Photographer

3 365 Moment, Mark Ivkovic, York Photographer

So todays image lets you spend a moment caught up in the thoughts and reflections of a three year old. The eyes are said to be windows to the soul, heaven knows I get a feeling I’m seeing something special every time I look into this image.

For the photo techies –

Canon 5d mk2 – Brilliant camera, superb images and tone

EF 50mm @ f1.8 – best value for money “bang for your buck” lens canon make, trust me if you don’t have a 50mm prime get one. Sure the background blur (Bokeh) isn’t as creamy as the 50mm L f1.2, but then again this lens is less than a tenth of the price. I love it, it’s a great portrait lens on my 1d mk2 and if you have a camera with a 1.6x crop it’s a perfect portrait lens (in my opinion). Then again I do love my primes.

More tomorrow.