Winter in the City

Winter in the City, originally uploaded by bang*.

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Model :Ashley
Photographer : Mark Ivkovic (moi!)

Headed over to Hull for a shoot with Ashley last Sunday. If I had thought that Yazi’s session on Saturday was cold, putting ourselves next to the North sea wind made for some really biting conditions. Still I did manage to find myself some wicked bright backgrounds.

Winter in the City

Winter in the City

Winter in the City

Nostalgic Glow

Nostalgic Glow, originally uploaded by bang*.

Day 91 / 365

Still with the bikes I guess. How could I not with this cheeky devil peeking at me through the window.
The light was bouncing everywhere, a little into the lens to soften things, some foreground blur to add even more haze.
Then a quick split tone in post and hey presto, nostalgic summer bike rides in a photograph.

5D / 85mm f1.2

Busy day for bang today. Stoking those fires, and having some very interesting conversations. Studio space possibilities, gallery space, buying frames, trying to quickly navigate possibly the biggest IKEA in the world (two floors!! seriously who knew they had so much of the stuff).
All that and no caffeine, I’m such a trooper right?
More will follow as these developments progress (except the speedy IKEA dash, that’s just not being realistic).

Quite a few bikes made it to the project this week, I guess I was missing them. Plus the improved weather and lighter evenings are bringing more people out on their respective steeds. I just find them lovely things to photograph.

Unfair Advantage

Unfair Advantage, originally uploaded by bang*.

Day 71 / 365

I guess one of the secrets of street photography is being aware of ones surroundings, looking for the little moments, juxtapositions or fleeting glimpses of real life.
This scene presented itself to me today, I guess to many other folks it just passed them by as they rushed to wherever they felt the urge to be. To me the comedy of the scene brought a smile, the glint in the old mans eye warmed my heart. I could go on about subtle little details but I’ll let you take from it what you will.

5D mkii, 85mm f1.2 As used by all the great street photographers in the past 😉

Every Cloud . . . .

Every Cloud . . . ., originally uploaded by bang*.

Day 70 / 365

I took the chance to grab an early coffee this morning. It’s nice to sit and plan out the day in differing surroundings. I figured I’d try and find something 365 worthy on the way back & I found plenty to be honest.
Even the rain didn’t dampen my mood and without it this shot wouldn’t have happened. I’ve had this background in mind for a while now but I just saw the pink umbrella down the street and thought pink on blue would rock. So quickly ran to the otherside of the road, framed up and waited a second or two. Luckily the street is wide enough (just) to get the whole window in on the 85mm.

I seem to have been on a street photography thing of late, I’m not sure if it was brought on by shooting film on the rangefinder or what but It’s been fun. Normally if I’m shooting the streets with people in I’m working in black & white, this shot however deserved colour. Without it, the impact just wouldn’t be there, which I guess harks back to by post on colour usage for emotion.
It’s been a rollercoaster week, I started out loving my shots, went through a rough patch in the middle (which due to some very kind words I don’t feel half as bad about anymore) but I’m back in happy land now.
Some of the eagle eyed amongst you may have noticed a few shots from a Leica Digilux, well I thought it looked pretty and this guy raves about them, so I thought I’d give it a try to replace my DLux. Well it’s close to what I want from a camera but not enough to make me give up my little DLux. So it’s back to Red Dot for the Digilux and a sigh of relief from the DLux. Although looking at the Fuji x100 the DLux may not be safe yet.
Why am I looking for a new camera??
Well I love rangefinder cameras, there is just something in the operation & design that I love. The old school feel and control. I may have mentioned before that I have a rather bad case of Leica lust, the M9 is somewhat of a dream of mine and one day it shall be realised. Until then I long for something that will give me the joy of using a rangefinder, the portability of a compact (or rangefinder come to that), the control of an old school camera and the image quality of my 5D. Not much to ask I know. There are many micro 4/3 system cameras out there now but I just can’t get on with the small sensor look anymore. The retro styled rangefinder esque dslr sized sensor Fuji ticks more of those boxes than I’d like to admit.

Ah, such is the joy of modern technology. It’s amazing that at a certain age you realise that advertising exists, then a few years later you learn to ignore it, then many years later you come to realise that you ignoring it was all part of the marketing master plan.

Feb review coming this weekend, promise.

Late Supper

Late Supper, originally uploaded by bang*.

Day 69 / 365

It seems I forgot to post this on the blog yesterday. D’oh!
I’ll admit, I struggled today. We headed to Leeds for a little R&R. Shopping, eating and a change of scenery. I had the Digilux but didn’t want to spend the day street shooting again. So that left me with night-time and the 5D. Supper bowl and light from another room.

5D mkii ,EF 85mm f1.2 L ,iso 1600.
Ooops may have let something out of the bag there.