Still think you have something to lose?

Day 281 / 365

It’s strange how sometimes a seemingly insignificant event can effect you so deeply.
I think I may have had the jolt that In my heart of hearts I’ve been trying to ignore.
Time to make a leap or two my friends.

Olympus PEN E-P2 20mm

Like I wrote here a month or so back ZA felt he was going a hundred miles an hour down a dead end road, e I feel like I’ve pulled up at a crossroads and just got out and sat in the middle. Time to head off down one of those roads, sure that means leaving some things behind but hey what’s the worst that can happen right? Sure gotta beat sitting here knowing I can reach better places.

“Remembering that you are going to die is the best way I know to avoid the trap of thinking you have something to lose.”

Early Autumn, Early Morning

Early Autumn, Early Morning, originally uploaded by bang*.

Day 267 / 365

As I awoke this morning the light is saw beginning to form outside was far too good to ignore. After a rather quick cup of coffee I loaded the bag and headed out. This particular shot I’ve attempted to create a few times before over my years in York. Today the light finally seemed to give me just about what I’ve had in my head for so long.
I also shot a little pano action here too this morning so I’ll have a play with that later in AutopanoPro.

Good light dosen’t guarantee good photographs but it sure does aid the process.


Signs of Autumn

Signs of Autumn, originally uploaded by bang*.

Day 228 / 365

Mmmmm pretty colours.
Acer trees have to be amongst one of my favourite plants. There’s just something about the detailed yet delicate leaves and the vibrant displays of colour they have. Soaking it all in on an overcast summers day.


Okay I ‘ve decided to split the post over a few days (although tomorrows shot is an absolute peach). So this is the last for today but hopefully it’ll put some colour into your day.
As for the Oly PEN, yes I’ve been away for a few days but in a last minute decision the PEN and it’s small travel friendly kit got dumped out of the bag and replaced with the 5D & 50mm (plus my old EOS film body and the 35mm, which didn’t get used). Why, I’m not sure but it’s the dilemma I always seem to have when selecting which cameras to take with me when I travel. It comes down to ease of transport Vs shear out and out image quality. The 5D won this time as I felt I might be wanting that depth of field control (and I’m kinda glad it did, although at times I did think I’d made the wrong choice).