Frames of existence


Time for a little aside, back to some personal work that used to be the norm around here. Time to take a breath or two and just let the world be seen a different way, a visual essay of a day of peace and solitude (with maybe a slight dream-like overtone).

ImageEducation from the street, life lessons served upon the bricks and mortar of our city.

ImageThe world old battle of light Vs dark, the subversive intrigue of the darkness and the signs that lure us in.


I see the way now, just a little further and the light can be found, everything seemed so clear then.


I start to feel the walls closing in around me, the nature of my organic self struggling to break free.ImageAs I stop for coffee all of a sudden the world takes on a twisted reality. . . . .

ImageMy vision begins to blur, I wonder what new trickery is a foot.

ImageDaylight and Darkness combine to confuse my senses further, perhaps I’m in a dream but I see no way out.



See it’s not all good looking people and fabulous clothing on my blog, every now and then I break out a more personal piece of photographic creativity. After all that’s the whole point of it all, creating stuff, just plain old having an idea and creating something. No agenda, no wanting payment, just creating and sharing, such is the beauty of the internet the ease with which it can be done.

Fuji X100 wandering the streets of York. Treated to my own little VSCO Film cooking.

FGY Rider Portrait Series – No. 11 Caddy

Day 194 / 365

The eleventh from this series of planned rider portraits for Fixed Gear York.

Up this week Is Mr Michael Caddy, or Caddy for those in the know. This guy has been on the FGY radar for a while but I’ve only just managed to ride with him for the first time this last couple of weeks. Why the dirty hands, well from only three rides with this guy he’s had some oily mitts from tyre related maintainance twice, I figured it was a fitting tribute.
Top bloke and we’re all going to be a little worse off when he heads overseas later in the summer to teach English for a while.

The full series of FGY rider portraits so far can be found here.

Big Trouble in Little China(town)

Big Trouble in Little China(town), originally uploaded by bang*.

Day 188 / 365

Just the things I see and the stories they tells.

Fuji X100

A picture can tell a great many stories, this kind of sums up many things to me, locally, nationally and globally.

FGY Rider Portrait – No. 10 Adam

Day187, originally uploaded by bang*.

Day 187 / 365

The tenth from this series of planned rider portraits for Fixed Gear York.

This week Adam finally got his face in front of the camera. FGY’s own champion of the spin and owner of the shiniest wheels you’ve ever set eyes upon. Ladies and Gentlemen please be upstanding for Adam the Roller Race King.

Fuji X100

Full set here

Lime Kuts

Lime Kuts, originally uploaded by bang*.

Day 182 / 365

Discovered a whole new street of colour today. However I thought this rather well placed tag or two were fitting for the 365 and my desire to bring some sunshine into the world of B&W I’ve been putting out lately.

Fuji X100

By my calculations this photograph is the last one this side of the half way point of my 365 project, perhaps I’ll put a mid way review together, perhaps not. Either way it’s a mini mile stone.

FGY Rider Portraits No. 9 – Ryan

FGY Rider Portraits – Ryan, originally uploaded by bang*.

Day 180 / 365

The ninth from this series of planned rider portraits for Fixed Gear York.
Up this week it’s the turn of long standing FGY rider Ryan. The man with the (still disputed) longest skid title, currently learning to use his words in a journalistic styling. Again the look is that of a man being kept from his ale & midget gems, after a brisk chase back to the FGY office.

Fuji X100

Full set here

Process of Elimination

Process of Elimination, originally uploaded by bang*.

Day 166 / 365

The selects from which my final series of prints from the Budapest series will be formed.
Real prints, the only way to edit for publication/exhibition.
First photographs I’ve had printed from the X100 also, beautiful, just beautiful.

Fuji X100

If you’ve ever pondered what my editing process is like when selecting finals for print exhibition, galleries or publication, this is kind of the final stage. Narrow down and cull and edit the edit until I’ve around four times too many prints still. Then print actual physical copies and stick them to a wall. Now I can mix, remove and juggle them to my hearts content for a few days until I get a combination which I’m totally happy with. By leaving them where I can see them I get a better understanding of which photographs go together to form the strongest cohesive series.

This photograph shows the beginning of the end of the Budapest series selection, shouldn’t be long now. I thought I’d give you a sneaky peek though.

FGY Rider Portraits, Number 8 – Mark (me)

FGY Rider Portraits – Mark (me), originally uploaded by bang*.

Day 164 / 365

The eigth from this series of planned rider portraits for Fixed Gear York.

I guess it had to happen sooner or later. A self-portrait, but luckily I’d had it in mind for a while seeing as I’m one of the FGY riders.
It’s no easy feat this self-portrait business.

Canon 5D mkii, 50mm f1.4 (well it obviously wasn’t shot on the Fuji)


The current full set of portraits can be found here; Fixed Gear York rider portraits.