A Farewell to Isao (6×6 and out of focus)

Day 250 / 365

Filling the gap of Day 250 from a while ago.

Finally had time to get the first roll of Fuji Pro 400H 220 scanned from the 124G. Some pretty nice colour renditions from the Fuji but I’m always more inclined towards Kodak tones (bring on the Portra). This shot was what I’d planned to post for day 250 and I thought I had two left on the roll when I pulled the camera out the bag, it would seem that I only had one and I missed the focus. Damn it, sorry Isao. It still captures the essence of our man Isao though.
Still using it for my 365 though as sometimes the misses are just as important as the hits.
Why would I post an out of focus photograph? Well I figure that if I’m going to make mistakes (and trust me we all do) i’m darn well going to learn from them. Plus this project is my place to take risks with my work (hence the increased amount of film shots) and where If I do make a complete hash of something the only person who is affected by it is me. See it all comes back to my year of refining my vision (although I finally coming to realise that this is a lifelong pursuit where when I get to where I thought I wanted to be, my vision will have jumped ahead in the game to the next level and so the battle will start again)

Yashica 124G, Fuji Pro 400H