Two days, Three faces. (Less Gear, More Photo)

Simple as that, two days, three faces for me to meet this week.

Fashion portrait, Mark Ivkovic, bang Photography. Contax G2, Fujifilm Neopan ACROS 100

Fashion portrait, Mark Ivkovic, bang Photography. Contax G2, Fujifilm Neopan ACROS 100

Fashion portrait, Mark Ivkovic, bang Photography. Contax G2, Fujifilm Fujicolor

Fashion portrait, Mark Ivkovic, bang Photography. Contax G2, Fujifilm Fujicolor

Leica Fashion portrait, Mark Ivkovic, bang Photography. Leica M9

Leica Fashion portrait, Mark Ivkovic, bang Photography. Leica M9

Tuesday saw me working with A-Models and Meg Lindow MUA. Here I had the luck to work in some beautiful light with Logan and Sophia.

Then after a rather late night call up Wednesday saw me working with Boss Models Anna Caradice-French and the always charming Thembi Mkandla MUA. Again spoilt by glorious light.

All three of these photographs used natural light, just goes to show the diversity of what can be achieved with minimal equipment.

Exhaustive kit list used for these;

Leica M9 – 50mm

Contax G2 – 45mm – Fujifilm film stock.

That’s it, about as simple as you can get. My kind of shoots these.

I need no other reason

I need no other reason by bang*
I need no other reason, a photo by bang* on Flickr.

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Leica M6TTL | Fujifilm ACROS

Hair & Make-up Artist – Helen Archer –

Model – Natalie @ Nemesis

Frames of existence


Time for a little aside, back to some personal work that used to be the norm around here. Time to take a breath or two and just let the world be seen a different way, a visual essay of a day of peace and solitude (with maybe a slight dream-like overtone).

ImageEducation from the street, life lessons served upon the bricks and mortar of our city.

ImageThe world old battle of light Vs dark, the subversive intrigue of the darkness and the signs that lure us in.


I see the way now, just a little further and the light can be found, everything seemed so clear then.


I start to feel the walls closing in around me, the nature of my organic self struggling to break free.ImageAs I stop for coffee all of a sudden the world takes on a twisted reality. . . . .

ImageMy vision begins to blur, I wonder what new trickery is a foot.

ImageDaylight and Darkness combine to confuse my senses further, perhaps I’m in a dream but I see no way out.



See it’s not all good looking people and fabulous clothing on my blog, every now and then I break out a more personal piece of photographic creativity. After all that’s the whole point of it all, creating stuff, just plain old having an idea and creating something. No agenda, no wanting payment, just creating and sharing, such is the beauty of the internet the ease with which it can be done.

Fuji X100 wandering the streets of York. Treated to my own little VSCO Film cooking.

Route 66

Route 66, originally uploaded by bang*.

Day 352 / 365

Thought I’d shot this window before but apparently if I did I never used it. Luckily for me.

Yashica MG-1, Fuji 400h

I’m having a strange relationship with the Yashica rangefinder. It’s great in that it is mostly aperture priority exposure, in order to compensate for exposures you can fiddle with the iso setting and force over or under exps. The lens is a fixed 45mm f2.8 which is a great focal length and I guess pretty fast, it’s fairly compact, light enough to carry around all day etc. etc. etc.
What bugs me is it isn’t the camera I want it to be. I admit that for £20 what more can I ask for right, and the camera I want it to be is about 30 times as much.
I think the other thing is that shooting digital for so long has made me pretty lazy exposure-wise. How easy is it to shoot in low light now? simple right. Just bump the iso up and fire away without a worry of camera shake. The MG-1 loaded with portra 400 (rated 100 to give a little magic) even shot wide open at f2.8 struggles. The little low speed warning light comes up more than I’d like as I brace myself against something sturdy and breathe in pre tripping the shutter.
Maybe I should just alway shoot Ilford Delta 3200 in it then I’d be bumping the other warning light of over exposure.

instant Sunsets

instant Sunsets, originally uploaded by bang*.

Day 277 / 365

Film for the digitally addicted. Want to shoot film with instant feedback, gotta get yourself some instant.
Fuji FP-100C through the old Polaroid ProPack.
To be honest instant is one step beyond digital in that you have your final print within 30 seconds of taking your shot. Now that’s pushing even the silkiest of wireless camera / dyesub printer combination. Okay I admit it isn’t all that cheap per shot but that’s the joy of it.
Make tham count!

Fuji FP-100c (silk) Polaroid ProPack

A Farewell to Isao (6×6 and out of focus)

Day 250 / 365

Filling the gap of Day 250 from a while ago.

Finally had time to get the first roll of Fuji Pro 400H 220 scanned from the 124G. Some pretty nice colour renditions from the Fuji but I’m always more inclined towards Kodak tones (bring on the Portra). This shot was what I’d planned to post for day 250 and I thought I had two left on the roll when I pulled the camera out the bag, it would seem that I only had one and I missed the focus. Damn it, sorry Isao. It still captures the essence of our man Isao though.
Still using it for my 365 though as sometimes the misses are just as important as the hits.
Why would I post an out of focus photograph? Well I figure that if I’m going to make mistakes (and trust me we all do) i’m darn well going to learn from them. Plus this project is my place to take risks with my work (hence the increased amount of film shots) and where If I do make a complete hash of something the only person who is affected by it is me. See it all comes back to my year of refining my vision (although I finally coming to realise that this is a lifelong pursuit where when I get to where I thought I wanted to be, my vision will have jumped ahead in the game to the next level and so the battle will start again)

Yashica 124G, Fuji Pro 400H

Salts Mill

Salts Mill, originally uploaded by bang*.

Day 214 / 365

Hockney overload for us at Salts Mill today. I forgot how much I love this place, art, great books, devine food, espresso, more art and architecture. What’s not to love, it’s like an adrenaline hit of culture.
For those with an interest in social history, the English Industrial revolution, David Hockney or power crazed bosses check out Saltaire.

Fuji X100

I feel that of late I’ve come to a realisation about the Fuji X100. More on this in the next couple of days once I get my head around it some more.

Can I come in now please?

Can I come in now please?, originally uploaded by bang*.

Day 212 / 365

I’ve just noticed the amount of green bokeh in my recent shots. M’eh, lets call it green bokeh week.


A nice relaxing day with the family, Gracie here obviously being one of the family. Putting on the sad face so she can come back inside with all the people (and food).