More Personal Frames From A Week

I actually make photographs everyday, it’s what allows me to be me, it’s my way of understanding not only myself but also the world around me. It’s my escape whilst also being my connection. It’s not all art, not all beautiful, hell most isn’t even interesting but these are moments, scenes and fragments I see that fire something inside my brain telling me it’s worth a photograph. Maybe I won’t use it today, maybe not even next month but perhaps in the larger scheme of things each image I take is a sketch from which I can learn.
Plus these little excursions into life sometimes come as a handy escape from retouching images & doing the accounts, along with a number of the other less “rock n roll” aspects of business as a fashion photographer.
So enjoy these, or don’t, I honestly don’t care too much. These are my moments and this is my blog, my place where I can put whatever pictures up on the walls that I like.

Artemis // Bar Lane // Creative Fashion

Untitled Editorial, originally uploaded by bang*.

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Shot at Bar Lane Studios
Model : Artemis Fauna

Sometimes a shoot just comes together. I found Artemis from looking at another photographers work online, I dropped her a line just to say well done and what would you know she was only going to be in York a few days later.
A few phone calls later I’d acquired my space and everything was set.
See it really isn’t that hard to get yourself creating new work, you just need to get off your behind.

A quick note on the space used. Bar Lane Studios, one of Yorks more creative venues. Gallery, artists in residence with studios, little cafe plus an event list packed to the gills. The basement was a recent find for me and figured it was worth a punt at using for this shoot. It worked really rather well, a couple of things could be done to help out some but all in all really nice (bit chilly mind but what can one expect in a basement mid February). Checkout the Bar Lane gang and if you’re ever in York why not pop in for some culture –

Artemis // Bar Lane

Artemis // Bar Lane

Artemis // Bar Lane

Artemis // Bar Lane

Artemis // Bar Lane

The beauty is all around us

The beauty is all around us, originally uploaded by bang*.

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You just need to open your eyes.

Somebody was hinting that maybe I was neglecting those who come here to see a little something other than my portrait work.
Today this post is just for those very people.

I’m in the process of overhauling my online print sales site so have spent a good few hours trawling through my archive from last year. Here are a few which haven’t been published until now.

Fuji X100 (you know that camera I didn’t get on with but still took some great images with)

The beauty is all around us

The beauty is all around us
I know crazy weird right?

Budapest Series 1 & 2 – PhotoShelter Galleries

bang | Photography Budapest series gallery

Budapest Series 1 & 2 on PhotoShelter

The series from Budapest are live, head on over to my online PhotoShelter galleries and have a look around. I finally came to the decision to break it down into two series, I’ve also added a new purchasing option to get each series as a set of postcard sized prints and save a little money.

Also keep an eye on the blog for a little special something/competition, should be announced in the next 24 hrs. How exciting.

Online Sales are go – 30 % Discount code – Good until Sunday 5th June

Just a quick note to say my online galleries are now sales enabled, allowing easy purchasing of my work.

Orders are fulfilled by my lab here in England and then shipped worldwide.
Not everything in available yet, so if there are any photographs you’d really like to see for sale, drop me a message and I’ll see what I can do.

Also to say thanks for the love I’ve been receiving over the last week here’s a little discount code. It’s good until Sunday and will get you 30% off if you spend over £20; just pop BANGBLOG30 into the box when you’re at the checkout.
Mark Ivkovic, bang Photography photographic print sales on PhotoShelter.

Velo Style

Velo Style, originally uploaded by bang*.

147 / 365

A little bike action for the X100 for today. Loved the light and colour working together here.
I’m really enjoying the new Fuji camera, some love it, some hate it, some hype it, some dis it. Me I’m just engaged by the way it makes me work. It’s quirky for sure but maybe that’s part of its charm.

Fuji X100

The weekend approacheth and I have some time next week to get my online art print galleries updated and the online purchases set-up. All being well It’ll be up and running early next week. If you have any favourite shots from my project that you think would make good prints then let me know and they’ll get considered for the gallery too.

Exhibition & chance to buy my work. Coffee Culture, York

Coffee Culture – Upstairs, originally uploaded by bang*.

Coffee, Cake & Photographs. A perfect combination.

Here’s a quick shot of some of my work in place, It’s spread over all three floors. The ground floor ones look really good but I’ve not had chance to get that shot yet.

Where to see the goods;

Coffee Culture

Go look, these prints are priced to sell. Although Nick & Analise may begrudge taking them off the walls 😉

Ready for hanging


Ready for hanging, originally uploaded by bang*.

Day 96 /365

Here’s a collection of my mounted and framed prints ready to head off for hanging this afternoon.
It’s now a couple of hours later and after some banging of nails into walls of various hardness and some juggling and changing, the work is up.
Thanks to Analise & Nick we’re helping make York a more beautiful place.

I’d expect tomorrows photograph to be of the work on the walls (the guys were closing up as we finished putting up the photos so I didn’t get chance to grab any shots of quality).

Also tomorrow, more details on where the work is so those in the area can pop along a grab a bargain (these ones are priced to sell, sell, sell)


“untitled”, originally uploaded by bang*.

19 / 365

A little window to my vision today.
After yesterdays sermon on evolving vision & style, I thought I’d shoot something a little different today. It’s still falling within the boundaries of my “style” & “look”, yet is a pretty darn different approach for me.
As I mentioned in yesterdays post I’m getting to know my style (after years of trial and error) and I’m finding too that this 365 project is stirring my creative muse even more. The creation of this shot came about through me trying some ideas for an upcoming commission, there were a number of different set-ups and the studio is still covered with strobes, pine cones and paper. Eventually I decided a natural subject deserved natural light, so that is what it received. I got a good hand full of really nice arrangements which may make it onto my flickr page in the next few days before they head off to my gallery collection.
I also felt that it was strong enough to live without a name, do feel free to give it a name though if you wish, I’m open to suggestions.

Remember folks, it’s the why not the how.