Big Trouble in Little China(town)

Big Trouble in Little China(town), originally uploaded by bang*.

Day 188 / 365

Just the things I see and the stories they tells.

Fuji X100

A picture can tell a great many stories, this kind of sums up many things to me, locally, nationally and globally.

Lime Kuts

Lime Kuts, originally uploaded by bang*.

Day 182 / 365

Discovered a whole new street of colour today. However I thought this rather well placed tag or two were fitting for the 365 and my desire to bring some sunshine into the world of B&W I’ve been putting out lately.

Fuji X100

By my calculations this photograph is the last one this side of the half way point of my 365 project, perhaps I’ll put a mid way review together, perhaps not. Either way it’s a mini mile stone.

An Exercise in Composition

An Exercise in Composition, originally uploaded by bang*.

Day 174 / 365

Just saw the potential for a sneaky 365 during some down time on todays shoot. The power and fun of an iPhone, just playing around with compositions, lines, diagonals, thirds. I almost forgot why I was there in the first place . . . . . . . . . .
iPhone via LR3

Alternate composition; Four Steps to the Right.

Four Steps to the Right

Somewhat simpler and in many respects I prefer it, however it’s good to break ones style now and again. I guess the second shot is the one I’d expect myself to shoot which is why I chose the diagonal one for the 365, mix things up a little.
We even managed to somehow body swerve all of the really really black rain clouds to get the real shooting finished for lunch. It has been raining pretty much since we called a wrap. Phew!

Joined up lines

Joined up lines, originally uploaded by bang*.

Day 162 / 365

I figured after all the Hungarian colour I’d put a strong B&W into the mix for today. Still keeping it simple though.

Fuji X100

Still finishing up the Budapest series, if you like simple vivid blocks of colour then you may well enjoy checking it out. There’s also a strong possibility of a couple of desktop / ipad / iphone wallpapers becoming available too, stay tuned for more info (and the possible freebie I mentioned a few days ago)

Light & Lines

Light & Lines, originally uploaded by bang*.

Day 119 / 365

Another four day weekend thanks to a certain Royal Wedding (which I have to admit was pretty special) and May Day on Monday. Due to this postings may be late over the period.

Todays shot is kind of a study of light & lines, hence the name. It’s fun looking for the beauty in the mundane.

Olympus E-PL2, 20mm

Shadows & Curves

Shadows & Curves, originally uploaded by bang*.

Day 101 / 365

Shadows Week – Day 2

Following on from yesterdays more graphic image I thought I’d head into another themed week. I enjoyed my last theme week, the bike thing really made me put a lot more thought into my photographs for that week. So what should the theme be? well Spring is here and the weather is getting pretty darn nice. The obvious theme would be based around all the pretty blosom and flowers which have popped up over the last week. However I’ve never been one to follow the masses (by which I mean I’d expect flickr to be somewhat inundated with that kind of shot over the next week or two). Nothing wrong with that, just I like to shoot my own thing, personal work should be just that. So the theme is going to be shadows.
The bug was planted last week with “Between the Darkness”
So I figured I’d carry on and see what I come up with. Expect a lot of black & white, contrast and abstraction.
Todays shot carries on the week, with a bendy staircase and strong sunlight.

Oly PEN – E-PL2 / 20mm

Between the Darkness

Between the Darkness, originally uploaded by bang*.

Day 98 / 365

I headed out first thing to finish up my displayed work, I grabbed a couple of shots and had planned on using one for todays shot. However after a meeting with myself over a coffee, I strolled back along the city walls enjoying the sun. During this walk I came across this little spot (which I’d had in mind for a while) the sun was casting a near perfect shadow for this very composition. I had imagined a bike with it’s shadow but the gap of sunlight just isn’t wide enough. However it is perfect for just one person.
Super contast graphic shot.

Canon 5D mkii, 35mm f2