Sunshine & Showers

Sunshine & Showers, originally uploaded by bang*.

Day 129 / 365

Rather a mixed bag of weather we had today, it certainly made working outside interesting. One minute I was having to handle extreme contrast of full sun and shadows next I was putting the brolly up to save the camera. Still we carried on regardless.

I figured it was time to bring some colour back into the project after a long stint of monochromatic photographs.

Olympus PEN (E-PL2), 20mm f1.7

Green on Green

Green on Green, originally uploaded by bang*.

Day 84 / 365

The return of the bikes ?

I’ve seen this green framed bike locked up against this green wall so many times knowing it would make a really good photograph for my second bike week.
Well I’m not ready to do another bike week just yet but couldn’t leave it any longer before taking this shot.
Plus I needed something quick and simple for today as I have a bunch of frames to souce and photographs to print to put up in a local cafe.

E-PL2, 20mm f1.7

Spring Greens

Spring Greens, originally uploaded by bang*.

Day 78 / 365

A beautiful Spring morning in the city, so much light. I’ve walked by this florists a few times over the last week or two, this morning the light was being bounced back by windows over the street and it looked beautiful on the displays. I thought the lush greens had a Spring feel about them, plus the funky little bush things looked pretty in the metal bucket.

Shot on the secret camera again, oooohhhh so much mystery. It’s a lovely bit on kit, great little lens (which has some killer bokeh when worked right). I reckon with a hotshoe mounted viewfinder this could become quite a creative tool, fixed focal length (but swappable), decent sensor, really really (really) good jpegs straight out but good RAW alongside also. It’s quite menu driven but when set up it’s easy to fairly quickly change most stuff. I’d probably say that due to the fact it’s now wearing my brown leather iconic camera strap it’s joining the family. I’d expect a first impressions review tomorrow peeps, poor little Leica DLux.

Green on White

Green on White, originally uploaded by bang*.

Day 61 / 365

That’s right, it’s colour week. I’m feeling a need for strong vibrant colour this week so the aim of the game is head out and find single colour photographs. A bright and rainbowesque celebration of all things colourful.
Plus it make for a good journal of portrait locations, heh heh heh.

I guess I decided it was colour week today while sitting in my local coffee shop at 8:30 planning out the day. I’ve been thinking about my use of colour in photographs a bit lately this has partly been brought on by my strive to reclaim some of that look of film.

I remember back in the day if you wanted strong vibrant colours & tones you’d load up some fuji velvia and be done. What came back from the lab was what you got. These days you shoot away then back in Lightroom / Aperture / whatever, you can click away changing colour balance, saturation, contrast etc. Now I think that’s great but it’s a little like going to a restaurant with a menu three hundred pages long versus going to a place with three specials and soup to offer.
Often the more choice you have, the harder it is to be clear on what you want. I’ll use another analogy, remember ordering coffee, you know “I’ll have a coffee please.” non of the contemporary “de-caf, low-fat, columbian, flat-white, grande, syrup, choc-on-top, slow-pour, upside-down” that goes along with it, just coffee.

Sure we all want choice, but sometimes it’s nice to just get what you’re given right? You knew when you loaded that roll of velvia into your camera that your colours were just going to pop (you didn’t shoot a whole lot of portraits with it either (right tool right job again see)) but when you got the final photographs back you didn’t think wow I just need to dial back the saturation a bit, well maybe you did but you couldn’t easily do it.

So what am I getting at, I guess I’m headed along the know what it is you want from your image.
My ethos is to; Identify the intention, minimise distraction, maximise the mood and lead the eye.
To me, all these things should be in your head when composing the shot, then they should come back in post production when refining the image to portray your vision in the strongest possible way.
Well that’s my goal when i’m photographing anyway.