Holmlea, originally uploaded by bang*.

Day 293 / 365

A little sneaky peek at one from todays interiors shoot for Sara at Holmlea Guesthouse getting ready for her soon to be updated website.
A lovely cosy spot for anyone wanting to spend a little time in York.


The old world in a new light.

The old world in a new light., originally uploaded by bang*.

Day 148 / 365

So it has been a busy 24 hours on the blog. A very interesting debate has begun and I’ll be honest it has me thinking more and more about my work. I guess that is where todays shot comes from, seeing my old thoughts and feelings in a new light. Or seeing them with regards others feeling and philosophies on photography.

Stop by the blog and join in if you wish, there’s already plenty to get your mind ticking over.

Olympus PEN (E-pl2) Lumix 20mm f1.7

A step back in history – A little Olympus E-PL2 update

A step back in history, originally uploaded by bang*.

Day 114 / 365

I’m still feeling the black & white vibe so it may well continue for a few more days (kinda depends on what else I find that rocks my world in the mean time).
Pretty atmospheric shot for today, just flexing those interior photography muscles, the little Olympus E-PL2 (PEN) with the panasonic 20mm held up very well indeed with some tricky lighting. The thing just keeps surprising me, although I’m not ready to sell the Canon gear just yet.
I’m still bugged by the battery on the thing but at least I have a back up one now so all is good for full on whole day shooting.
I’ve just about got the thing set how I want it, the jpegs it can produce are darn impressive (although I still shoot jpeg & RAW, and mostly work the RAW if the jpeg isn’t exactly lining up with my vision).
The camera is with me all the time now I trust it, to be honest the 1 & 5D are getting a little neglected (don’t worry the 85mm L has a project to shoot starting soon, plus the PEN can start struggling to compete in a straight up narrow depth of field fight against full frame) That said If I have the choice between carrying the Olympus / 20mm combo or 1D mk3 / 85mm L combo all day I know which one my chiropractor would recommend.


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17 / 365

Seeing as I couldn’t really decide between these two shots and the fact that they both express the idea behind todays post, I figured both it is.
So New Years is starting to fade into the distance as we forge ahead into this new decade, how many resolutions have already fallen by the wayside I wonder. I don’t really do new years resolutions but strive to make things a little better day by day and step by step. This year however I figured on getting through some books I’ve been meaning to read for a good while. I’ve managed two so far in the shape of “The Rum Diaries” and “Call of the Wild”. So far so good I guess, I put a list of twelve “classics” together which I aim to get through before the year is up.
Todays shot also gave me chance to warm up my abilities in interiors lighting for some up coming jobs. It’s always nice to clear out the Christmas cobwebs before turning up on set.
If you like my interiors photography work, or are a fan of period & heritage interior design click through the links to my site.

Todays theme tune comes thanks to my man at LazenbyBrown – Maneater by the bird and the bee, sweet.