Two days, Three faces. (Less Gear, More Photo)

Simple as that, two days, three faces for me to meet this week.

Fashion portrait, Mark Ivkovic, bang Photography. Contax G2, Fujifilm Neopan ACROS 100

Fashion portrait, Mark Ivkovic, bang Photography. Contax G2, Fujifilm Neopan ACROS 100

Fashion portrait, Mark Ivkovic, bang Photography. Contax G2, Fujifilm Fujicolor

Fashion portrait, Mark Ivkovic, bang Photography. Contax G2, Fujifilm Fujicolor

Leica Fashion portrait, Mark Ivkovic, bang Photography. Leica M9

Leica Fashion portrait, Mark Ivkovic, bang Photography. Leica M9

Tuesday saw me working with A-Models and Meg Lindow MUA. Here I had the luck to work in some beautiful light with Logan and Sophia.

Then after a rather late night call up Wednesday saw me working with Boss Models Anna Caradice-French and the always charming Thembi Mkandla MUA. Again spoilt by glorious light.

All three of these photographs used natural light, just goes to show the diversity of what can be achieved with minimal equipment.

Exhaustive kit list used for these;

Leica M9 – 50mm

Contax G2 – 45mm – Fujifilm film stock.

That’s it, about as simple as you can get. My kind of shoots these.

Triptych Series – Betty Banzai

Triptych Series – Betty Banzai, originally uploaded by bang*.

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A couple of firsts for the series. First female triptych and first one shot on film.
Betty B one of the leading lights of Hulls very own Roller Derby team, HARD, or Hull’s Angels Roller Dames.

Leica CL, 40mm cron. Kodak TMax (I was all out of TriX, don’t hate me for it).

If things line up (they already pretty much have) I’m set to add a good few more of these triptychs very soon. I’ve been warned that they will be of a “rather interesting and diverse” set of individuals. I’m very much looking forward to seeing what my good friend has signed me up too.

Spring Espresso – York Through a Holga and my Eyes

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In a slight contrast to the Leica M8 this weekend, I’ve fallen back on my trustworthy (well something like that) Holga. Ilford HP5+ for some exposure latitude and a well needed coffee break.
Oh yeah, if you’re ever in York check out my man Steve at the rather special Spring Espresso (@SpringEspresso on the twitter).

Holga 120N, Ilford HP5+ dev’ed D76 1:1 and rescued at scanning as this was rather under exposed. A little tint-orama thanks to Lightroom.

Expect more of this kind of stuff from me for a little while in between the portrait work. I have a small side project running so the Holga is getting a work out.

Once again reminded of the joy from film. Had I shot this on digital and underexposed quite so drastically I’m pretty sure it would have looked awful, this however kind of works with the whole holga / film vibe, well to me it does.

Extra reasons to love film

Reasons to love film, originally uploaded by bang*.

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Have I mentioned that I love my Leica?

Leica CL

40mm f2 Summicron

Kodak TriX 400


I know I’ve posted an early version of this shot already but here it is all finished up (just about after a re-scan) super happy with it, although I have managed to pretty much kill the negative via an oversight and a school boy error. At least I’ve got my scans.

Reasons to love film

Here’s a film version of the digital shot I used from this shoot. Just preferred the expression and pose of the digital, love the soul of this Tri-X shot though.


Reasons to love film

One of the reasons I still shoot film alongside my digital.

Fashion Editorial, originally uploaded by bang*.

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Sometimes the world stops to take a breath. This is where you will find me waiting.
Visual lyrics forming a poem for my eyes.

Model : Sarah Hurrell
MUA / Hair : Vicki Suddaby –
Photographer : Mark Ivkovic (That would be me again)

Kodak Tri X 400
Leica CL
40mm Summicron

Oh the reason? I kinda guessed that was obvious.

Club Yashica

Club Yashica, originally uploaded by bang*.

Day 265 / 365
(That would be less than 100 days to go then)

Yes it’s another new addition to the collection, I know I said I was through with 35mm when it comes to film but the fact is it’s a darn sight cheaper to shoot than medium format.
So what’s the story behind this one? Well I’ve been shooting with the Lordomat rangefinder for a while now and it’s lack of built in meter is a bit of a drag a times. So I’ve been on the look out for a fixed lens 35mm rangefinder with meter to solve my needs. I’ve been trying to find a good deal for an Olympus 35SP or Canon ql17 but it seems that people really want them at the moment and are willing to pay some slightly daft pricces to get ones which are “sold as seen” or as I like to read “this camera probably won’t work”. Then as if by magic I found this little gem for a rather bargain price. Sure I’ve stepped down from an f1.7 lens to f2.8 but to be honest most of these old rangefinders have rather limited max shutter speeds so f1.7 in full sun is tricky without getting ND filters involved.

Test roll has gone through the camera already and all seems tickity boo. I might stick a fresh roll of Kodak Ektar in for the weekend (if it’s bright)

The mighty PEN 20mm ultimate combo, which is smaller than the Yashica.

Oh yeah, check out that light!