and now for something completely different

and now for something completely different

Told you I’d been out and about in between my hectic shoot schedule of late. Here’s a little of the personal work I’ve neglected posting for a while.

Sometimes you have to stand out from the crowd in order to reach for the sky.

Leica M8.2 40mm f/2 Summicron

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Dean’s Park HP5+

Dean’s Park HP5+, originally uploaded by bang*.

Day 258 / 365

Still feeling the call of the film. After a little step back into the medium format world I’ve decided that in order to keep the bank manager happy I’d better stick to 35mm for all but the commissioned work on film. 220 sure is pretty but it’s darn costly to get dev’ed & scanned (even low res).
Here’s a little Ilford HP5+ action in Dean’s Park.

Blowin’ in the Wind // Lone Tree

Blowin’ in the Wind // Lone Tree, originally uploaded by bang*.

Day 256 / 365

After a couple of days of breezy conditions I figured the 365 needed a little memento of the weather.

My B&W period continues . . . . . .

If you really just have to know what this was shot on then maybe If you ask I’ll tell. I got what I was going for though (or at least close too it).
On another side note, I learnt today that I can get from being asleep in my bed to in the car with it full of kit and on the road in 15 minutes when pushed . . . . . . However this is one feat I don’t have any desire to repeat, ever. Everything worked out fine though so all was good.

Scafell (Run to the Hills)

Scafell (Run to the Hills), originally uploaded by bang*.

Day 229 / 365

Scafell Pike from Hardknott side.
I’ve had some driving experiences in my time but driving over Hardknott pass is now firmly classed as not being one of my favourites. It’s just blooming daft.
Makes for some grand walking once you get to the middle of the valley though.


Lone Bike & Tree

Lone Bike & Tree, originally uploaded by bang*.

Day 142 / 365

How often does one get to combine two series of shots? The lone tree series meets the bike series.

Busy day, windy day but still managed to get some more shots on the Fuji X100 though. I figured I’d better post some more colour as the Fuji really handles it well, so much so that this is pretty much straight out of the camera. The files it pops out are just lovely and smooth. I’m also loving the built in “in lens” ND filter too, awesome thinking by the Fuji tech people, f2 in bright sunlight? you got it.

Oh this isn’t my bike by the way. 🙂

Fuji X100

Beyond the Golden Hour

Beyond the Golden Hour, originally uploaded by bang*.

Day 132 / 365

So very much beyond the golden hour.

I headed out for a solo dusk ride after wrapping up todays job edits. So peaceful as the last light of the day gave way to the darkness.
This was shot at 9:30pm and it was getting pretty dim to say the least.
So how dark was it really? Well lets just say 1/10th of a second @ f1.7 and iso 1600.
Steady hand needed.
Perhaps this is pushing the PEN a little far, lovely colours though.

Olympus PEN (E-PL2) 20mm

Lone Tree, No Hill

Lone Tree, No Hill, originally uploaded by bang*.

35 / 365

My first landscape of sorts for the 365 I think.
Driving home from todays shoot I was thinking about what I was going to use as my 365, when I just opened my eyes to the possibilities.
The title by the way is a little “in” joke evolving from lone tree on hill photographs.
The North Yorkshire Wolds are a pretty beautiful place and the light was giving that storm brewing kind of look, strong winds, pools of sun running over the hills and black clouds above. I figured a landscape shot would be a nice change for a friday. The problems being that the lenses I had in the bag were the 70-200mm on the 5D and the 50mm as backup. Not really what I’d call my dream landscape kit, however I do enjoy using a nice long lens for landscapes now and again, it makes you rethink the whole process. Plus I can honestly say It i’d only had wides in the bag I wouldn’t have shot this frame as the foreground lines in the field just wouldn’t have been the same.
The wind was pretty fierce and even at 1/800th of a sec shutter speed I was concerned with camera shake hand held, luckily old sturdy hands pulled through.
I loved this frame as the sun was chasing towards the tree from foreground to background, I pretty much knew it would be a rocking black & white landscape, it was just a matter of not getting blown over in the process.

Rosedale shoot, behind the scenes video.

A creative exercise in the – create, share, sustain ethos.

Behind the scenes look at a landscape shoot from my latest trip into the Moors.

Shot on an iPhone 4

Edited in iMovie

Just a bit of fun really.

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