Portrait Art

Portrait Art, originally uploaded by bang*.

Once the safe shots are in the bag I like to try something a little off beat.
It’s the way I’ve always been when it comes to my work.
I’m not just going to shoot the brief, I’m always going to see other possibilities, risky shots that If time permits I’m going to try out. Photographic creativity is much more about experimentation than it is about technicalities & equipment.
Push the boundaries, leap outside the box, just make sure you have the shots you were expected to produce as well.

Fun family sitting

Just a quick post from a family sitting in the studio I shot a day before Christmas. Mince pies, cups of tea and a very happy client with a framed print and a CD full of images still in time for Christmas day.

This was one of the early “safe” shots we got in the bag, from here things got a little more quirky.


The safe one in the bag.