Macaroons, originally uploaded by bang*.

Day 92 / 365

Yum yum.
Another very good reason to live in York. Or a very dangerous place when within walking distance after ones evening meal.
The formidable Betty’s Tea Rooms. Fine handmade cakes for even the most discerning aficionados. It’s very worth a trip for those visiting the area, elegant design, music from the Grand Piano and a good old fashioned English high tea. Here’s a little something from the Betty’s PR –

In 1936 the founder of Bettys, Frederick Belmont, travelled on the maiden voyage of the Queen Mary. He was so enthralled by the splendour of the ship that he commissioned the Queen Mary’s designers and craftsmen to turn a dilapidated furniture store into his most sophisticated branch yet – an elegant café in the land-locked location of St Helen’s Square. Today, as you sit in Bettys surrounded by huge curved windows, elegant wood panelling and ornate mirrors, you can almost imagine yourself aboard a luxury liner.


It’s an experience.
I had some fun photographing these little Macaroons, so figured I’d put a collection together. I purchased them this morning for a family meal tomorrow, my little bring along. Strawberry/Raspberry, Lemon, Pistacio & Chocolate. So very deserving of todays shot I felt.

Canon 5D/50mm f1.4
E-PL2/20mm f1.7

Yup so much fun it took two cameras. Two shots from each.

This could be the start of foodie week for the project, I’ll see how it plays out.