Kris D wears Kooples

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Kris D | Nemesis Management wears Kooples.

Photography | Mark Ivkovic

Lighting gubbins –
“Big Beaut” on the Bowens (ie my 28 inch UFO of a Beautydish) positioned camera left to give lovely Loop lighting. Maybe I’ll do some lighting set ups on here one day to explain what I mean by all my Paramount / Rembrandt / Loop / Split light. Or maybe that’ll just get added to my list of things to do for the blog when I finally find some time for them. All good intentions and that.
I’m having a kind of love hate relationship with white seamless at the moment. Nothing inspires me less than looking at that big ol’ expanse of white in the studio and thinking “What the hell different can I do today”. Then If I’m lucky I get a model who gets what it is I want from them and isn’t afraid of cutting loose. I’m pretty sure I never shoot it to be pure white as it bugs me seeing my subject floating in a sea of nothing, I prefer a little density to my background. That expanse of nothing just removes all context and with that makes a meaningful photograph that much more of a struggle. It’s a little like watching a movie but with the whole set being a plain white space (kind of like the bit in the matrix where they’re in the loading program). Then on the flip side I really revel in what that means to my creative process, every little move of camera or light is amplified in effect, there isn’t any room for sloppiness as you can’t rely on an interesting background making up for an oversight or lack of composition. It means I need to get more out of my subject, I need movement or feeling or to really be in the moment. My subject is as an important part of the creative process as anyone else on set. Without connecting with the model in some way your photographs are going to be dead and without interest.
This is your set and the photographs you create come down to how you handle all the aspects of it.

Wow, went off on one then. This was going to be a quick and simple post. Thanks to all those who take the time to comment or simply click the “like” button. It’s appreciated and kind of keeps me popping posts up during these busy times.

All American Boy

All American Boy, originally uploaded by bang*.

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Sorry it’s double post Saturday . . . . . .

Quick teaser from another of the latest shoots, it’s been a busy week (and it isn’t over yet . . . .)

I also have a bunch of persoanl shots that I keep meaning to stick up in a post, just some of the kind of work you may have got used to last year (and I know the odd couple of readers like to see some of that too now and then).

Scott L @ Nemesis – Mr SoCal looking local lad. (…)


Techy stuff –

Canon 1Diii
Sigma 50mm f/1.4

Chester Barrie – Country Fashion

Chester Barrie – Country Fashion, originally uploaded by bang*.

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A couple from the latest shoot.

Stylist – Suzze @

Tailoring – Chester Barrie

Looks like a lovely summers day right?
Well somehow we managed to get the one hour of sunshine and no wind for the shoot, on an otherwise grotty weather day. That’s what you call planning . . . . . .. and luck.

Chester Barrie - Country Fashion

Teddy Boy Style // Triptych

Teddy Boy Style // Triptych, originally uploaded by bang*.

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Been meaning to do some more of these away from the rider portraits, finally got around to one during a shoot.

Very early edits from todays portfolio shoot with Jamie. A little modern twist on a Teddy boy style.

Model : Jamie Wands-Murray (Maverick Models)
Photographer : Mark Ivkovic (moi!)

The snow is sticking around making some of my city locations either look odd or be really too slippery to shoot at. Having said that it’s nice to have the ground be a huge reflector no matter where I go. Some you win some you lose right?
We both managed not to freeze thanks to a mid session hot beverage, plus we put some leather down crossing the city.

PRobably more from this session later in the week too, not to mention more from Yazi and some from Sundays shoot with Ashley. Told you I was hustling this year.

Teddy Boy Style

Teddy Boy Style