Gothica, originally uploaded by bang*.

Day 255 / 365

Sometimes what we see is a little removed from reality. I’d forgotten how much I like the feel the Sigma 12-24mm gives, especially when shot wide open. The edges get a little fuzzy and it naturally vignettes a couple of stops (although I may have added to that with this one . . . . ).
York Minster in all it’s imposing Gothicness.
5D / 12-24mm

Get me using a zoom lens, although to be honest if you can find me a good 12mm prime for Canon EF mount I’m listening.
It isn’t that I’m against the zoom, I just prefer the character that primes can have.

West Doors Detail

West Doors Detail, originally uploaded by bang*.

Day 79 / 365

I suspect it would be possible to complete this 365 project just with photographs of York Minster, in fact maybe there’s a theme for one week further down the line.
It’s one of those buildings which is easy yet near impossible to photograph well. There are so many angles (and angels) when the light hits it the stone just seems to glow and even in the rain the gothic design just comes into its own.
All that is before you even step foot inside. Plus If push came to shove I could take some 365 photographs of it from my window.

So here we are, a detail shot of one of the largest Gothic Cathedral buildings in Northern Europe.

Snow is falling, all around me . . . . . .

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Stepped out early this morning after a night of falling snow. I love how fresh snow bounces light all over, got a couple of shots I was happy with, which isn’t bad as I didn’t have a shoot plan.
More snow on the way apparently, which is good for the winter landscape portfolio.