Beauty Work // Portfolio Peek

Beauty Work // Portfolio Peek, originally uploaded by bang*.

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A little sneak peek at the latest shoot. These are as yet unedited SOTC (minus a sharpen & resize).
Working with three uber talented MUA’s who just finished topping out their training at the Cassie Lomas Academy.

Photographer : Mark Ivkovic
MUAs : Lucy Hill, Lisa Murray, Meg Lindow.
Model : Sana

Beauty Work // Portfolio Peek

Beauty Work // Portfolio Peek

Beauty Work // Portfolio Peek

Lenszine Interview

Interview on Lenszine

Interview with myself on Lenszine website

The good people over at Lenszine have posted an article from a little interview with me lately. If ever you’ve wondered what may be going on in my head then swing on over and have a read. Let me know what you think but I’m pretty sure my fortune is just around the corner thanks to such fame 🙂

It’s all about the photograph people.