Fair Weather Cyclist – Bike Week

Fair Weather Cyclist – Bike Week, originally uploaded by bang*.

Day 224 / 365

Deja Vu – The last ride I took the old E-PL2/20mm on, I got soaked and grabbed a few shots of the wet bike. Today the first ride I take the new E-P2/20mm on and ditto.
Still I do love riding in the rain sometimes. There’s something about riding in the rain that just makes everything seem okay with the world. Call me crazy (most people probably think I am as they see me rolling by with a big child-like grin upon my face.)

Happy to confirm the PEN survied its first test in the splashy stuff, although to be fair it only came out for a few minutes.

Olympus E-P2, 20mm

Also really glad I gave the bike a clean and oil the other day . . . . . . . . . . . .

Beyond the Golden Hour

Beyond the Golden Hour, originally uploaded by bang*.

Day 132 / 365

So very much beyond the golden hour.

I headed out for a solo dusk ride after wrapping up todays job edits. So peaceful as the last light of the day gave way to the darkness.
This was shot at 9:30pm and it was getting pretty dim to say the least.
So how dark was it really? Well lets just say 1/10th of a second @ f1.7 and iso 1600.
Steady hand needed.
Perhaps this is pushing the PEN a little far, lovely colours though.

Olympus PEN (E-PL2) 20mm

Do you want some cream with that brickwall?

Day 130 / 365

I just saw the funky split brick pattern by the two solid cream sections, thought it was interesting. That and It’s been a busy day so don’t have time for anything more interesting, unless you want the iphone shot I took out of the guesthouse window this morning.

Finally home after a couple of days shooting on the road, I’ve been drenched, sun blasted, wind swept and just about everything in between during these two jobs. Still my equipment stayed the course, a camera bag tied to light stand saved the loss of a brolly (and flash) plus the reflector got a good work out too (although it’s rather partial to the odd gust of wind as well, thanks needs to be given to my carbon based holders for the help).
It was good to meet a couple of our future Olympic stars though.

Olympus PEN(e-pl2), 20mm f1.7

Sunshine & Showers

Sunshine & Showers, originally uploaded by bang*.

Day 129 / 365

Rather a mixed bag of weather we had today, it certainly made working outside interesting. One minute I was having to handle extreme contrast of full sun and shadows next I was putting the brolly up to save the camera. Still we carried on regardless.

I figured it was time to bring some colour back into the project after a long stint of monochromatic photographs.

Olympus PEN (E-PL2), 20mm f1.7

Shot Between a Rock & a Hard Place – Some initial thoughts on the Lumix 14mm f2.5

Shot Between a Rock & a Hard Place, originally uploaded by bang*.

Day 126 / 365

Headed back to the street of York for todays shot. I’ve been lucky enough to get my hands of a Lumix 14mm f2.5 to try. The 20mm f1.7 is quickly becoming one of my all time favourite lenses, it just has something about it wide open, I just fancied something a little wider to finish off my travel kit. To be honest I’m really wanting a 24mm equivalent (12mm) but no-one makes that lens (yet) so the 28mm equivalent (14mm) had to do.
I’ll pop some thoughts up on the blog to add to my ongoing Oly PEN review later on.
As to todays shot, I’ve seen this before so figured it was time to shoot it.

Olympus PEN (E-PL2), 14mm f2.5

Initial Thoughts & Feelings on the Panasonic Lumix 14mm f2.5

First off this thing is even smaller than the 20mm, it’s a whole lot lighter too. The build feels the same but it has a smaller “glass” frontage, so to me it doesn’t look as nice on the camera.

On the PEN – Focus is lightening quick and whisper quiet so it that respect it’s better than the slightly slower to focus and tiny bit noisier 20mm. So I guess for the video shooters this is a big plus.
The field of view is (as expected) wider, so it should make a good street, landscape, travel lens. To be honest the 20mm is already a good lens for all those purposes, but for a travel kit it’s nice to have something a little wider (and with this lens you won’t notice it in your bag as it takes up minimal space).

More to follow once I get some shots in the bag