Beyond the Golden Hour

Beyond the Golden Hour, originally uploaded by bang*.

Day 132 / 365

So very much beyond the golden hour.

I headed out for a solo dusk ride after wrapping up todays job edits. So peaceful as the last light of the day gave way to the darkness.
This was shot at 9:30pm and it was getting pretty dim to say the least.
So how dark was it really? Well lets just say 1/10th of a second @ f1.7 and iso 1600.
Steady hand needed.
Perhaps this is pushing the PEN a little far, lovely colours though.

Olympus PEN (E-PL2) 20mm

Thinking of You.

Thinking of You., originally uploaded by bang*.

Day 113 / 365

The last of this weeks window reflections of reflections of mirrors of reflections (you get the jist). It was kind of fun just wandering the city streets looking for intersting juxtapositions and abstractions from window reflections but I’m pretty much done with the idea now.

Should be some news on a little collaboration I’ve been working on with another little place on the web coming soon, so stay tuned for that.

Happy St. Georges day to anyone who is into that kind of thing. Happy Easter for tomorrow for those into that kind of thing, happy “insert celebration here” to anyone else.

First steps on my next project tomorrow, I haven’t decided yet where or when it will be shared but I may leak the odd taster now and then over the next few months or so.

Oly E-PL2 / 20mm