L I N E S – Light Stalking in Northern Cities

Time for one of those posts where I just dump a few photographs I’ve taken whilst roaming around. In between jobs, out running errands, walking the dog, on route to/from a commission, just popping around the corner to grab a coffee, the camera is always with me just to document the world I see. Sometimes I have mini projects in mind, other times I just see what the world serves me up (although generally I seem to find themes unifying what I create).

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Melissa | NQ Manchester

Melissa | NQ Manchester, originally uploaded by bang*.

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More from a fun couple of hours in the rare Manchester sun last Sunday.

Just about done with my edit from Sunday so thought I’d post some more of the final selects.

I’m super happy with a number of the shots we created between us and I think that last part is an important factor in the look of these. Sometimes on a busy set it’s too easy to get caught up in the whole energy and hustle and one can easily forget one of the most important skills a portrait photographer needs. Between chatting with the make up artist, stylists, art directors, assistants and numerous other people on set, building that connection and collaborative effect between the model and myself can be hard to maintain. I like to talk and chat whilst shooting, I’ll goof around and have a laugh. This is my job and I love it, I think most people who work with me get that. I’m finally learning to control my shoots more in this respect, I’m happy for everyone to have a good time whilst shooting otherwise what’s the point but when it comes down to crunch time I must be able to create and maintain a connection with my models. I always appreciated the skill and talent required to create beautiful fashion portraits but admit to many a time thinking “yeah that’s easy, you bring me Kate Moss and some beautiful clothes and hey presto” right?!? Well if you just want to be a member of the “pretty girl, pretty photo” club then yeah to a point it’s kind of along those lines once you know some photography basics. What makes or breaks a fashion portrait (or any portrait to that matter) is a huge combination of factors but one of the strongest is this connection. It’s my ability to bring out of the model what it is I want to portray, what I want the photograph to say and how it will say it. If I want emotion then I have to bring that out. A good model will help in this by having the ability to emote but they will find it hard to do so without the photographer giving them something to work with. It’s a collaboration and if you want to do more than just document the person stood in front of you it’s one you need to work on.

“When people look at my pictures I want them to feel the way they do when they want to read a line of a poem twice.”

― Robert Frank

One day i’ll get there but for now I’m revelling in the process.

Melissa | NQ Manchester

Melissa | NQ Manchester

Melissa | NQ Manchester

Melissa | NQ Manchester

Melissa | NQ Manchester

Melissa | NQ Manchester

Triptych Series – Betty Banzai

Triptych Series – Betty Banzai, originally uploaded by bang*.

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A couple of firsts for the series. First female triptych and first one shot on film.
Betty B one of the leading lights of Hulls very own Roller Derby team, HARD, or Hull’s Angels Roller Dames.

Leica CL, 40mm cron. Kodak TMax (I was all out of TriX, don’t hate me for it).

If things line up (they already pretty much have) I’m set to add a good few more of these triptychs very soon. I’ve been warned that they will be of a “rather interesting and diverse” set of individuals. I’m very much looking forward to seeing what my good friend has signed me up too.

FGY Rider Portrait Series – No. 12 Scott

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Number twelve from this series of planned rider portraits for Fixed Gear York.
See the rest of the series here – www.flickr.com/photos/bangphoto/sets/72157626960169758/

Another somewhat long overdue rider portrait for the set.
Up this week Mr Scott, who has managed to unwittingly kick me into gear with this project again simply by the fact he’s leaving (now left) York. What you see here is a Scottish Scott ready to take on the elements. Actually you see us sheltering in the archway at the pub to take photos but whatever.
A man who loves his cycling, road, mountain, whatever he’s up for anything with two wheels and a human drive chain. We’ll miss ya Scott and for those lucky folk down on the South coast watch out for a ferocious Hipster chasing you down on his Brompton whilst whip skidding his way through the puddles (and mostly staying upright in the process).

Analogue Prague

Analogue Prague, originally uploaded by bang*.

So you may have noticed it went a little quiet around here last week, that was due to me taking a long overdue break from it all. Nothing clears away the stresses from a photographers life like going to a new place and making . . . um . . . .photographs. Some may question why I didn’t just put the cameras down and take a full no photos break. Well to those who ask that I simply say making photographs is how I deal with the world, it’s what I do, it is essentially me. I journal, I collect, I make memories, I recycle light. Without it I fear what I may become, with it I feel I may express my vision of the world to those who may care to view it.
So with that said, to the trip.
I’d decided that it was going to be one of an almost zen like quality, I’d decided that I was only going to use film. To me this is unplugging, letting go of the instant gratification of digital, letting go of all the modern tech crammed into cameras these day to “aid” in our visual expression. What I had was what you see above.

A bag into which the following was poured each morning;

Leica CL
40mm f2 / 15mm f4.5
Holga 120
Mucho mucho film for both cameras

Plus the needed everyday bits and bobs.

Analogue Prague

I managed to munch through a fair amount of the film I took with me (and almost panic bought some emergency Portra 400 when I stumbled upon a glorious find of a camera emporium). A little note on FotoSkoda, this is probably Pragues largest camera store (if not the whole Czech Republic) I’ve been in some pretty impressive stores before but this place was a proverbial gold mine of goodies, just a shame the exchange rate meant that the prices are higher than back home.

Anyway much fun was had and I’m currently waiting on a few more rolls being dev’ed and piecing together my collection for prints.
However to keep you wanting more here are a few likely candidates to make the final cut.

Pieces of Prague #3

Pieces of Prague #2

Pieces of Prague #1

Yazi Second Set

Yazi, originally uploaded by bang*.

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I don’t usually make a habit of blogging over the weekend but seeing as I’m prepping for a rather busy one tomorrow I figured I’d put a little post together.
Also for those who haven’t made the jump there yet I’ve finally got myself a bang photography facebook page. Why not swing on over when you’re finished here and give me a little like love, thanks.
Plus if you’re wanting to see a little more of my recent work swing over the newly tarted up bang | Photography website and let me know your thoughts

A few more as promised from the portfolio shoot with Yazi.

Model : Yazi van Bathory
MUA / Hair : Yazi
Cleaver : Models own . . . . .
Photographer : Mark Ivkovic (That would be me again)




(C)over boy // Reworked by himself

(C)over boy // Reworked by himself, originally uploaded by bang*.

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Another from last week with Jaime, well I say another it’s the same shot from before but with a little something something. He’s somewhat of a creative man and put this together. I dig it and figured I’d share the love. Check out more of Jaimes stuff here jwandsmurrayillustration.tumblr.com/

Model : Jamie Wands-Murray (Maverick Models)
Photographer : Mark Ivkovic (moi!)
Post Production – Jaime

Leica CL 40mm f2
Kodak Tri X in D76 (standard)