Window to the sky

Window to the sky, originally uploaded by bang*.

Day 219 / 365

A sign that things are looking up? or perhaps just the feeling of being unable to reach the heights we feel we should reach.
Hard contrast, moody sky, stark lines.

5D / 50mm

“Cry freedom, cry”
Yup it’s one of those navel gazing, pondering ones artistic merit kind of days.

Normal service shall be resumed shortly.


Fenced, originally uploaded by bang*.

Day 217 / 365

More green bokeh but whatever.
Up early again, this time I managed to capture the morning dew caught on spiders webs too.

5D mkii / 50mm

Here’s to the weekend my friends and remember the only way to get better is to get out there and do it.

Evel Knievel – Stunt Motrcycles Ahead!

Day 216 / 365

Foggy morning, first one for ages and luckily I was awake early enough to get out and shoot before the world woke up.
I’m sure most countries have road signs that can be given funny titles, here’s our acrobatic cyclist sign for Evel Knievel.

Canon 5D mkii, Sigma 50mm
I forgot how much I loved shooting these 365’s on the “real” camera, which will bring me nicely to the news I expect to give next week as the refinement of my photographic vision continues.

A Place to Write

A Place to Write, originally uploaded by bang*.

Day 215 / 365

My rule #1 for thinking through ideas and noting down thoughts is to do it in a place one can relax. This is that place and yesterday it was finished off with a pot of espresso and the sound of rain at the window.
Although I did run for cover when the thunder storm hit and the golf ball sized hail stones started bouncing off the glass.

My perfect zen.

Canon 5D mkii / Sigma 50mm

Salts Mill

Salts Mill, originally uploaded by bang*.

Day 214 / 365

Hockney overload for us at Salts Mill today. I forgot how much I love this place, art, great books, devine food, espresso, more art and architecture. What’s not to love, it’s like an adrenaline hit of culture.
For those with an interest in social history, the English Industrial revolution, David Hockney or power crazed bosses check out Saltaire.

Fuji X100

I feel that of late I’ve come to a realisation about the Fuji X100. More on this in the next couple of days once I get my head around it some more.

Can I come in now please?

Can I come in now please?, originally uploaded by bang*.

Day 212 / 365

I’ve just noticed the amount of green bokeh in my recent shots. M’eh, lets call it green bokeh week.


A nice relaxing day with the family, Gracie here obviously being one of the family. Putting on the sad face so she can come back inside with all the people (and food).

Near Instant Gratification

Near Instant Gratification, originally uploaded by bang*.

Day 211 / 365

Getting all prepped for an upcoming instant film week.
Polaroid Propack loaded with Fuji 3000B and a Polaroid one600 loaded with Impossible PX600. Let the retro kick commence shortly.


Dozing in the summer breeze

Dozing in the summer breeze, originally uploaded by bang*.

Day 209 / 365

It’s a window again.
The instant film wasn’t delivered on time to carry on with polaroid week so that’s on hold.
Instead you get a lazy summers afternoon shot, well that’s the look anyway. The reality was slightly different.