Shadows of Yesterday

Shadows of Yesterday, originally uploaded by bang*.

Day 364 / 365

The penultimate day of the project and time for a little moment of quiet and reflection before the final New Years Eve hurrah!

Olympus PEN e-p2, 20mm

I guess this shot has something to do with me considering the end of this 365. I had a quick chat with an old friend yesterday about the end of this project and it got me thinking a little. I’m pretty happy that come Jan 1st I don’t “have” to get all creative or figure out some kind of shot. However i’ll be left with a void to fill in the creative sense. As i’ve mentioned previously I do have a few personal projects to consider for the new year so expect more new work being posted fairly regularly on here. To make it easy you can always subscribe to the blog and it magically sends you email when I post, or jump aboard my Twitter train @bangphotography and i’ll twoddle when I post new stuff.

For those of you who have been here from the start thanks for hanging in there with me, to those who joined along the way I hope this has kept you at least mildly entertained for a couple of minutes each day. For those who only just found the blog today, too bad, you’ve missed the main event we had laser shows, dancing girls, magic tricks and gold coins falling from the sky . . . . . . . . . . . . 😉

So here’s to tomorrows shot, I have no idea what it’s going to be yet which probably tells you the mind frame I’ve been in with this 365 of late. Trying to plan 365 photographs takes it toll on ones vision and process, I’m looking forward to having some time to actually think through some of my personal work again soon. Plus I will put at least one blog post together reviewing the whole 365 year, with my favs, clangers, out-takes and more so hang in there for that one.

Until tomorrow we’ll always have today,


Will, if you’re listening, one more bro, one more.

Milo in the trenches

Milo in the trenches, originally uploaded by bang*.

Day 363 / 365

Woody our little Whippet has himself a play mate. This little chap is Milo our friends puppy. If you think one puppy running around is funny you should see these two bundles of happiness roll around for a while.
I just loved this little moment as it led to a rather hilarious moment when he stuck his head up looking for Woody, he just needed a little tin hat.

Olympus PEN e-p2, 20mm

Footsteps – A quick look back at 2011

Footsteps, originally uploaded by bang*.

Day 362 / 365

Time for a little reflection on the blog perhaps.
One of those lovely little scenes, a fleeting moment gone before it’s even been realised, an in-between, a side note, an off beat. These are the things I find fill the world with beauty. To compose and play with light, line and form within these moments is where I find myself.

Olympus PEN, e-p2, 20mm

So this is a little reminder to myself of a good little debate I had on here with some of you earlier this year.

I’ll probably do a full 2011 review early in the new year but for now here’s a few thoughts.

I like to look back over this years posts to see where my head was at various parts of this project. I’ve learnt a great deal from analysing my process and work methods. I’ve had personal break throughs and pushed through quite a number of barriers I’d seemingly had in my mind and in my career. To be honest I’m pretty happy with how things have gone in 2011. I’m still kicking myself in the rear for not pushing and hustling prior to now but I’m happy I finally am.
Quite a lot has happened this year, equipment changes, training, break throughs, realisations, contacts made, clients dropped, better clients found, publication.
On the equipment thing, this is one of the things I may go through in a post too. As a photographer I often find my inner geek bouncing against my inner creative. The geek desires shiny cameras with fancy functions and super awesome lenses and such, the artist just wants to go make photographs. This year has had me spending time listening to both voices and giving both slightly more freedom than before. The artist got to go shoot everyday without a brief or expectation, the geek got to play with a hell of a lot of new gear. Here’ a very brief list of the equipment which has been in or out of the bag this year;

Canon 1Dii, 1Diii, 85mm f1.2L, EF 24-105mm f4 L, EF 135mm f2 L
Olympus E-PL2, E-P2
Panasonic 20mm f1.7 (twice), 14mm f2.5 (pft!)
Leica D-Lux 4
Leica DigiLux 2
Fuji X100
Yashica MG-1, Mat 124G
Bronica ETRSi

Some of this is staying, some more may be going.
Oh and I have a little something else coming. Something rather special. Something I’ve desired for quite some time and I’d promised myself an end of 365 gift, this is that. More on that when it arrives.

What have a learnt from all this equipment?
Sometimes we get so caught up in the “how” and the “what with” that we lose the real question of “why?”.
Plus a whole lot of other lessons which I’ll save for later too.

All i’m going to say for now is it really doesn’t matter what you use just go enjoy making photographs. Just try and be true to your passion and your vision, don’t be sidelined by others vision or by marketing sparkle.

Merry Bokeh

Merry Bokeh, originally uploaded by bang*.

Day 359 / 365

Merry Christmas if that’s your kind of thing.
This is all you’re getting, it’s Christmas day and if you think i’m getting all creative when there’s people to see and gifts to give . . . . . . .. . .

Olympus PEN e-p2, 20mm

Rex-mas Eve

Rex-mas Eve, originally uploaded by bang*.

Day 358 / 365

Sometime one can find the most randowm of object in the street. To make it even stranger I have one of these little chaps alreay thanks to photo-jojo and he’s already featured in my 365.
I left the little chap where I’d found him as he seemed fairly happy.

Olym PEN e-p2 20mm

All I Want For Christmas . . . . . . for H & G

Day 357 / 365

I’m guessing congratulations are in order guys so here you go. Cons, butterflys and a little Christmas sparkle.

This shot is a slight follow on to this shot from earlier in the year.

5D2, 50mm, homemade butterfly bokeh template and a gridded speedlight.

So the story behind the shot?
Well the Love holding hands shot was found and somewhat loved by a delightful young couple from Derry, Northern Island. It seemed to strike quite a chord with them, enough for Helena to contact me to see if they could use the photograph for their wedding invitations. A deal was struck and along with that I said I’d try and put something together for the 365 photograph on the day of their wedding.
So here we are.
This is for you guys Gareth & Helena, I hope you had a super day, wishing you both all the very best for your future together.

Two Squared

Two Squared, originally uploaded by bang*.

Day 356 / 365

On a further note tommorrows post is one I’ve had in the planning for a little while. Well I say in the planning, I mean I’ve planned something special without actually thinking about what I’d do. I just say this in case a certain couple of people are wondering if I’d forgotten, no I haven’t and I think I know what I’ll do.

Good luck for tomorrow (23rd) H&G. 🙂