Out with the old . . . . .

Out with the old . . . . ., originally uploaded by bang*.

Day 58 / 365

It was kind of odd not having to find a bike to shoot today, although I did miss it. I still went out in to the city to see what was around, I even saw the owner of one of the bike from in the week riding alongside the river.
However it only seemed fitting that as this kit will be leaving my service tomorrow I should give them a fitting send off.

Goodbye old friends, here’s to the future.

My 1D mkii has been with me from new, so that’s 2004 until now. Seven years of hard service without so much as a grumble. Sure we’ve killed some batteries in that time, the sensors had a clean or ten but other than that it’s been hassle free. So why sell? well it’s a little long in the tooth for me now, I have a 1D mkIII along with my 5D mkii which both take the workload, so it’s off to a less frantic home.

My EF 50mm f1.8 II has also been in service for about the same amount of time, with pretty much the same record. Yep this is the lens I consistently tell people to buy when they ask what they should get. So why am I selling it? well ever since I took delivery of the Sigma 50mm f1.4 and learnt it’s ways the Canon nifty fifty hasn’t had a look in.

Finally it’s the EF 24-105mm f4 L, a beautiful, technically brilliant lens. L series glass, image stabiliser and not too heavy. Many people claim it to be the perfect walk around, travel lens. For me that f4 aperture just isn’t cutting it anymore, I’ve shot countless jobs and beautiful photographs with this lens. It’s answered nearly all that I could ask of it, when the aperture is wide open and the light is really bad that image stabiliser is a saviour. As I say though, wide open is f4 and I desire lenses with a certain look and character about them. This zoom is almost too good in that it’s a little too clinical in its image quality.

I’m all about the prime lenses this year (well in the standard range anyway) sure I’m hanging on to my crazy wide Sigma 12-24mm and my portrait / lifestyle must have Canon 70-200mm but they both have a purpose for certain jobs so I’d be stupid to get rid of them just yet.
It’s the refinement of my vision and creative process that has led me down this path, these are exciting times and I’m ready to face some new challenges.

In contrast to todays photograph, I’d probably expect something similar tomorrow but the other side of the story, ie. In with the new. That’s all depending on a certain parcel arriving though.

Saturday Montage – Bike Week Final Day

Day 57 / 365.

So today herelds the end of bike week for my 365 project. I’d say this had been the most enjoyable week yet for me during this project. Probably for a number of reasons, including that I’ve been shooting primes (or a taped off zoom), I’ve enjoyed the restriction of subject, I’ve made some creative business descisions which I’m certain are correct.

I’ve a feeling this won’t be the last shot of bikes in my stream or my 365 project. A number of people have requested more and I’ve some really intersting ideas to take this thing further so look out for that later in the year.
As to todays shot/s, I felt it only fitting to finish with a slight encore, so four bikes for the price of one (and a little B&W action to boot).
If I had to choose just one to be my 365 shot it would be the bottom right. Sure it’s a dirty, wet alleyway but the way the light was falling just so and the suggestion of the bike. It just begged for B&W.
Thanks for tuning in for bike week, I’m not sure where I’m headed next week but expect some new arrivals.

Being honest one of my new arrivals made it here today (just as I’d finished outputting todays shots). I’ve had a quick play and try, it’s a lovely thing and is giving me the look I so desire from my kit. What is this thing? Well I’m creating my own trinity of lenses built around the Sigma 50mm, I decided on something a little wider and something a little longer, that’s all I’m saying at the moment.
My old workhorse from back in the day the Canon 24-105mm f4 L is saying goodbye on Monday, she isn’t being used as much as she used to be. I’ve tested it against my other lenses and although being a wonderful, sharp, technically beautiful lens, it’s just not for me anymore. I need something else, it’s not all about image sharpness, it’s about character, emotion and other “arty” things like that. Will I regret letting go of many peoples idea of a perfect walk around lens? Well I’ve been thinking long and hard about it over the last month or two and with the new line up I’m bringing in and my other lenses, I honestly don’t think I will.
I’m pretty sure I’ve got the new “trinity” spot on but I’ll wait until I get chance to give them all a good workout next week before confirming it.