The beauty is all around us

The beauty is all around us, originally uploaded by bang*.

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You just need to open your eyes.

Somebody was hinting that maybe I was neglecting those who come here to see a little something other than my portrait work.
Today this post is just for those very people.

I’m in the process of overhauling my online print sales site so have spent a good few hours trawling through my archive from last year. Here are a few which haven’t been published until now.

Fuji X100 (you know that camera I didn’t get on with but still took some great images with)

The beauty is all around us

The beauty is all around us
I know crazy weird right?

Wall of Hipness

Wall of Hipness, originally uploaded by bang*.

Day 335 / 365

Everyone needs a Pola-wall.
Sure you don’t need to shell out on polaroid film and cameras, just print some shots from your camera phone and start filling a space. It’s great for days when the inspiration levels are a little low and you want to have those warm and fuzzy memories rekindled.
Every photograph sparks a little memory no matter how small or seemingly insignificant at the time.

Budapest Series 1 & 2 – PhotoShelter Galleries

bang | Photography Budapest series gallery

Budapest Series 1 & 2 on PhotoShelter

The series from Budapest are live, head on over to my online PhotoShelter galleries and have a look around. I finally came to the decision to break it down into two series, I’ve also added a new purchasing option to get each series as a set of postcard sized prints and save a little money.

Also keep an eye on the blog for a little special something/competition, should be announced in the next 24 hrs. How exciting.

Velo Style

Velo Style, originally uploaded by bang*.

147 / 365

A little bike action for the X100 for today. Loved the light and colour working together here.
I’m really enjoying the new Fuji camera, some love it, some hate it, some hype it, some dis it. Me I’m just engaged by the way it makes me work. It’s quirky for sure but maybe that’s part of its charm.

Fuji X100

The weekend approacheth and I have some time next week to get my online art print galleries updated and the online purchases set-up. All being well It’ll be up and running early next week. If you have any favourite shots from my project that you think would make good prints then let me know and they’ll get considered for the gallery too.

Exhibition & chance to buy my work. Coffee Culture, York

Coffee Culture – Upstairs, originally uploaded by bang*.

Coffee, Cake & Photographs. A perfect combination.

Here’s a quick shot of some of my work in place, It’s spread over all three floors. The ground floor ones look really good but I’ve not had chance to get that shot yet.

Where to see the goods;

Coffee Culture

Go look, these prints are priced to sell. Although Nick & Analise may begrudge taking them off the walls 😉

Print sales for those unable to make it to galleries.

Just a quick note about print sales.

For those unable to make it to the places where my work is hung and for sale I’m in the process of changing my online gallery to include a shopping basket too. However this may take some time so until then I’m offering people the chance to order any of my work featured on here, in my online gallery and my flickr photostream printed and delivered, just drop me an email with the image details and I’ll let you know about payment and such.

Prints are available at Paper Size: 11″ x 14″ Image Size: 8″ x 11″, these are done for me by my printers in London, who print digital C-Types, so real photographic prints on real photo paper not inkjet prints.
The cost is currently £75 which includes shipping (unless you live somewhere really obscure when I’ll have to see what the shipping rates will be, most places are safe though).