#48 Triptych Portrait Series – Seun @ Cliche

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A selection from the full set can be found here – www.bangphoto.co.uk/triptychs.
Currently in the process of setting up a place for the whole (current) set to reside.

Anyone looking back through the triptychs on here will notice missing numbers, worry not they’ve been shot just not everything makes it on here.
The full series as it stands only resides upon my harddrive. One day I’ll be happy enough with it to publish the full thing, until then you’ll have to make do with the odd snippet now and then.

LEica M9, 50mm ‘cron.

Triptych Portrait Project #45 | Ricky Feather

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A selection from the full set can be found here – www.bangphoto.co.uk/triptychs.
Currently in the process of setting up a place for the whole (current) set to reside.

The Yorkshireman.
A man long overdue for the series. Ricky is the true story of cycling evolution. Starting young on the BMX he made a name for himself, got sponsers, travelled europe and a custom named frame. He has now become pretty much an all out roadie thanks to first a spell riding fixed gear. However this is only part of his recent story, the most inspiring part is his frame building business. A one man start up, custom building steel bike frames (pretty much in his shed) he’s since gone on to win numerous awards, best in shows, public choice awards, selected to build bikes for pro riders along with features in GQ magazine amongst others. This is just the tip of his list of honours, the main thing to take away however is his dedication to his craft. The acclaim helps build the publics awareness of his business but to Ricky the joy of turning a customers dream bike into a reality is all the reward he seems to need.

Here are a few links to check out the man and the business –


Feather Cycles from Bespoked on Vimeo.

M9 50mm Summicron (V)

Triptych Series #43 | Tony @ Cliche

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A selection from the full set can be found here – www.bangphoto.co.uk/triptychs.
Currently in the process of setting up a place for the whole (current) set to reside.

How could I not shoot a triptych for the series whilst on set for this one?
Props to Cliche Model Management for hooking me up with Tony and thanks to the man and his beard.

Good vibes for the project as I hurtle towards #50.

M9 50mm Summicron (V)

More from the actual shoot in a day or two. Plus maybe one or two from a crazy shoot with the ILoveMCR team and Cliche Models. Which involved me going from 100ft in the air on the tiniest of platform to laying on the ground in a filthy alleyway. Just to prove that despite it looking glamorous the job of a fashion photographer can also be a pretty grubby and smelly affair. I know, poor me right?

Triptychs Collection

Triptychs Collection, originally uploaded by bang*.

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The series as it currently stands.
Thirty down and a good few more ideas in the pipeline.

Maybe when I get to fifty I’ll start thinking about a book / exhibit / show or something.

On the matter of a show / exhibit I may well have something coming together which is going to blow the concept of showing work to the public to pieces.

Keep an eye out for more on this once I figure out how I can make it work.

Blind Swine | Triptych

Triptych – Blind Swine, originally uploaded by bang*.

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See the rest of the series here – www.flickr.com/photos/bangphoto/sets/72157626960169758/

First of six triptychs shot for The Blind Swine, the soon to be sleaziest (in a good way) place to hang your hat whilst indulging in the finest of eating and drinking pleasure in York.

Shot on “that” camera with it’s shiny new bit of glass on the front. Lighting provided by the big ol’ evening sun reflected and diffused by a stinky, filthy, shameful alleyway.

More to follow through the week if you like that kind of thing.

Day 365 – Happy New Year!

Day 365 – Happy New Year!, originally uploaded by bang*.

Day 365 / 365 – DONE!

The final shot of 365 and I figured what better way to finish out the year and the project than with a little thanks to the man who kind of planted the seed to start the thing 365 days ago.
He’ll know who he is from this shot šŸ˜‰

I needed some kind of personal project for the year and figured if we both set about with a 365 we’d at least be able to moan to each other about it at various parts of the year.
So thanks for hanging in there to the end with me ninja, this beers for you fella.

A Happy New Year flickrinos, i’ll be quiet for a little while whilst I get going on planning out my personal projects for 2012. The blog should keep on ticking in the meantime though.

Olympus PEN e-p2, 20mm

PS – Getting Lego for Christmas at the grand old age of 33 is awesome!

Light Repeating – Plus blog catch up

Light Repeating, originally uploaded by bang*.

Day 344 / 365

Huge catch-up posting today.
Busy old time as the year end nears, finishing up some jobs, checking invoices and starting to set up some portfolio shoots over the Winter period. I have managed to keep shooting the 365’s though. Mainly on the iPhone simply as the other cameras are in work mode. It’s been fun playing with the phone camera again, it’s even more fun looking back over the weeks shots and remembering moments I’d almost forgotten.

I loved the pattern the streetlight made so made a niffty B&W shot and tiled the thing. Kind of hurts my eyes in thumbnail view.

iPhone 4 with either Hipstamatic, Camera + or a combination of both.

So that’s me caught up again. I have to admit with the end of this project nearing I’m pretty done on the thing. I’m desperately trying to rally some enthusiasm to go out with a bang (ha haa pun not really intended but i’ll take it). At the moment though I’m being pretty lazy just posting iphone shots which If I’m honest are more moments captured then photographs made.
Perhaps that is what todays composite image is about, the whole rinse and repeat thing I’ve felt of late. One of the ideals behind this 365 was to get me out trying new things and shooting new ideas through the year. At first it worked well in forcing me to question my vision. Now I’m feeling my attention being drawn elsewhere, being honest it’s a better place where it is being drawn (my portrait portfolio) but still this project needs finishing in the manner it was started.
Okay moan over, I got myself into this project so it’s time to hunker on down and stoke the fires for the last twenty-one shots. šŸ™‚