Two Squared

Two Squared, originally uploaded by bang*.

Day 356 / 365

On a further note tommorrows post is one I’ve had in the planning for a little while. Well I say in the planning, I mean I’ve planned something special without actually thinking about what I’d do. I just say this in case a certain couple of people are wondering if I’d forgotten, no I haven’t and I think I know what I’ll do.

Good luck for tomorrow (23rd) H&G. 🙂

The best light of the day

The best light of the day, originally uploaded by bang*.

Day 283 / 365

How fleeting it was too.
England is reknowned for the rainy stuff this time of year but I managed a little sun before the wet stuff came this morning, just.

Canon 5D, Sigma 50mm f1.4

There’s just something hopeful about this shot to me. Funny how one shoots how one feels.

Double Sonny

Double Sonny, originally uploaded by bang*.

Day 275 / 365

Two from a fun time at Almscliffe.
A little fun test for you to guess the camera / lens / film? combo.

© M.Ivkovic

Getting my dev. on later on so I could have a fun blog post about how not to shoot & develop kodak Tri-X tomorrow, provided I don’t get overcome by the chemicals.

A Farewell to Isao (6×6 and out of focus)

Day 250 / 365

Filling the gap of Day 250 from a while ago.

Finally had time to get the first roll of Fuji Pro 400H 220 scanned from the 124G. Some pretty nice colour renditions from the Fuji but I’m always more inclined towards Kodak tones (bring on the Portra). This shot was what I’d planned to post for day 250 and I thought I had two left on the roll when I pulled the camera out the bag, it would seem that I only had one and I missed the focus. Damn it, sorry Isao. It still captures the essence of our man Isao though.
Still using it for my 365 though as sometimes the misses are just as important as the hits.
Why would I post an out of focus photograph? Well I figure that if I’m going to make mistakes (and trust me we all do) i’m darn well going to learn from them. Plus this project is my place to take risks with my work (hence the increased amount of film shots) and where If I do make a complete hash of something the only person who is affected by it is me. See it all comes back to my year of refining my vision (although I finally coming to realise that this is a lifelong pursuit where when I get to where I thought I wanted to be, my vision will have jumped ahead in the game to the next level and so the battle will start again)

Yashica 124G, Fuji Pro 400H

Their First Black, Green, Red & Pink President.

Day 274 / 365

So I’m not totaly sure why the US President has been chosen for some York street art but it would seem that he ain’t getting on no plane fool. Although I’m pretty certain this would have looked pretty unremarkable if the artist had selected the Prime Minister.

Olympus PEN e-p2, 20mm

Entering the Darkness

Entering the Darkness, originally uploaded by bang*.

Day 272 / 365

I seem to be properly addicted to shadows playing with light and lines at the moment. This is pretty much the same spot I shot a previous 365 and one I will probably return to again at some point as it’s such a great location when the light is just so.

Canon 5D mkii, ef 35mm f2

On the note of B&W, the urge has finally beaten me down and I’ve got three rolls of Tri-X to shoot and enough chemicals to develop them myself (as if I’m not busy enough at the moment eh). I predict this adventure may provide a humorous blog post if nothing else.