Milo in the trenches

Milo in the trenches, originally uploaded by bang*.

Day 363 / 365

Woody our little Whippet has himself a play mate. This little chap is Milo our friends puppy. If you think one puppy running around is funny you should see these two bundles of happiness roll around for a while.
I just loved this little moment as it led to a rather hilarious moment when he stuck his head up looking for Woody, he just needed a little tin hat.

Olympus PEN e-p2, 20mm


Woody, originally uploaded by bang*.

Day 310 / 365

Cute Alert!
Just in case I wasn’t busy enough we decided it was about time we added to the family around these parts. After spending a good few months looking for a suitable rescue dog, we figured let’s just get a puppy and bring him up right.
I imagine amusing puppy stories won’t be far away. Plus I now have an emergency go to for any 365 problem days that might occur. . . . . . .

That’s enough self indulgence for the project, back to real photographs tomorrow.