2011 looking back in twelve photographs.

I figured I owe some kind of reflection post on the year gone as I’m still being coy on what I have planned for 2012. So here we go a short twelve shot review of 2011, some you’ve seen some you haven’t.
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So then, to the reflection of the year just gone –

Polaroid pro pack camera

The 365 project begins

Jan – New beginnings and old kit, the 365 begins and my head fills with possibilities of photographs to make.

Converse trainers holding hands

One of my favourite shots of the year probably

Feb – I enjoy the freedom of personal projects, I start experimenting with my kit selection, bike week seems to be a rather busy week for the blog.

Spring is in the air

Mar – I start to find my feet with some street photography as I play around with my camera of choice for personal work. I finally get some new prints made up for exhibition and sale.

Cragside house

Apr – I find myself enjoying the little Olympus PEN e-pl2 more and more. I begin my Rider Portraits series and really enjoy producing a personal series of shots.

A little Fixed gear evening ride.

May – Seems to be all about family, friends, bikes and a jump to the Fuji X100.

Motion and colour in Budapest

Motion and colour in Budapest

June – Vacation time with a great trip to Budapest, new print series, all about colour and form thanks to the X100

Feeling a little lost
July – Start to feel I’m losing my way with the business and the 365 is taking over all my creative energy. Time for a good long look at things and the future.

My emergency exit from everything.

Aug – Needing more time and space to think so more time on the bike. Got really mad with the Fuji X100 so traded back to an Olympus PEN . . . . . plus started playing with more film again.

Finally getting my game face back on and the hustle begins again.

Sep – Everything gets busy but I find my groove and get back to shooting commissions that I really want to shoot.

Oct – Making my time count, getting the business headed where I want it to be. Hustling more than ever and loving every second of it, long hours but sooo much fun.

Nov – Taking more of a reinvention to my portrait work rather than the refining I’d initially considered. Shooting stacks of film in various formats for personal stuff.

Dec – The completion of the 365 brings time for reflection and the realisation that 2011 has been a pretty great year for me. Feeling great about 2012 and all the possibilities it holds for me and my business.

So that’s just the barebones of my quick look back. The good, the bad, the navel gazing, the mistakes, the joy. Despite my previous postings about feeling a little lost in where to take the business, one of the big things 2011 has brought me is clarity in that respect. 2012 is about using that clarity, simplification and going a little more niche. Is that going to mean I decline work that I may have shot previously? possibly yes, but it also means I’m so much more into what I’m shooting and that will show in the work I produce.

Shadows of Yesterday

Shadows of Yesterday, originally uploaded by bang*.

Day 364 / 365

The penultimate day of the project and time for a little moment of quiet and reflection before the final New Years Eve hurrah!

Olympus PEN e-p2, 20mm

I guess this shot has something to do with me considering the end of this 365. I had a quick chat with an old friend yesterday about the end of this project and it got me thinking a little. I’m pretty happy that come Jan 1st I don’t “have” to get all creative or figure out some kind of shot. However i’ll be left with a void to fill in the creative sense. As i’ve mentioned previously I do have a few personal projects to consider for the new year so expect more new work being posted fairly regularly on here. To make it easy you can always subscribe to the blog and it magically sends you email when I post, or jump aboard my Twitter train @bangphotography and i’ll twoddle when I post new stuff.

For those of you who have been here from the start thanks for hanging in there with me, to those who joined along the way I hope this has kept you at least mildly entertained for a couple of minutes each day. For those who only just found the blog today, too bad, you’ve missed the main event we had laser shows, dancing girls, magic tricks and gold coins falling from the sky . . . . . . . . . . . . 😉

So here’s to tomorrows shot, I have no idea what it’s going to be yet which probably tells you the mind frame I’ve been in with this 365 of late. Trying to plan 365 photographs takes it toll on ones vision and process, I’m looking forward to having some time to actually think through some of my personal work again soon. Plus I will put at least one blog post together reviewing the whole 365 year, with my favs, clangers, out-takes and more so hang in there for that one.

Until tomorrow we’ll always have today,


Will, if you’re listening, one more bro, one more.

Everyone has Wedding Fever

Everyone has Wedding Fever, originally uploaded by bang*.

Day 112 / 365

A couple of quick blog posts for today to get back up to date with the 365.

It may have somehow passed you by but there’s a Wedding going on next weekend. Some kids called William & Kate apparently, must be important as we get a day off and everything to have street parties and BBQs.
Here’s my combined 365 / reflection / Royal Wedding shot in early celebration.

Not totally happy with todays shot but it’s Friday, it’s a holiday & I have some catching up on Portal 2 before Evansville wakes up (he knows who he is).

Oly PEN / 20mm

£54.99 – The Price of (inner) Peace

Day 111 / 365

So back to this weeks side project.

This is Yesterdays shot so I’ve posted late again (I’ve been trying to make these photographs at night for the funky reflections, hence the day late postings)

It would seem that the price of peace is in fact a bargain at only £54.99. Plus they accept Visa.

Don’t forget it’s Good Friday so be good.

Oly PEN – E-PL2 / 20mm

Time to reflect

Time to reflect, originally uploaded by bang*.

Day 88 / 365

I thought I’d take a walk along the river to see if some fresh air would make me feel better. It perked me up a little and gave me some exercise.
I just liked the reflections at this point of the river, the figure mirroring my own solitary walk just seemed to finish it for me.

E-PL2 / 14-42mm
Hopefully I’ll be back on form tomorrow as I have a whole bunch of things to sort out this week workwise. Being sick is so inconvenient.