Looking back . . . . (still)

Elle @ Pierce & Fionda Show - Mark Ivkovic, bang photo, York Photographer

Elle @ Pierce & Fionda Show - Mark Ivkovic, bang photo, York Photographer

Still spending the time in between wrapping gifts sifting through my work from the last twelve months.

This one stands out a little as I was really happy with the body of work I captured at this show. It was a pretty dark room and even though I was granted extra access and roaming rights (it’s all down to who you know) I was having to shoot at 85mm minimum without flash. This meant cranking the iso up quite a bit (not really what you want for a fashion show where details are important), luckily the big canon coped very well and help me produce some beautiful images.

The client was very pleased with the final set of images and that my friends is the aim of the game.

So until next time, Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night,


Looking back . . .

Thanks Charlie.

Charlie by M. Ivkovic, www.bangphoto.co.uk - York based photographer

by M. Ivkovic, http://www.bangphoto.co.uk - York based photographer

With the slow down of the end of the year (work wise anyway) I decided to sift back through my work from the last year. For predominantly a portrait photographer my flickr stream seems to be very light on portraits this year, maybe because i’ve used flickr as my escape from the daily work, or maybe because portraits are such a personal thing.

So i’ve decided to have a little retrospective over the holiday period, looking back over the last twelve months to see which work “worked” and which didn’t.