Yorkshire Sculpture Park

Yorkshire Sculpture Park, originally uploaded by bang*.

Day 177 / 365

Hot, hot, hot, day out at the YSP. Always good for interesting compositions. Good day for the ND filter.

Fuji X100

Jaume Plensa sculpture.

Sorry to you good people who like to come here for a good rant/debate on photography & art, I’ve been rather busy of late to put together a good post on the subject. Plus after the last one I’ve mellowed a little for the time being. I’m hustling hard at the moment, trying to shift focus a little (or rather clarify focus). This normally happens around the half way point of the year as I look over my year plan from January as see where things are going. I’ve found that this 365 project has at times taken too much of a lead, hence the rather shorter blog posts of late, just need to find the balance between paid and personal work again. I’m still revelling in the challenge of the 365 so thanks for hanging in there with me to those who like to pop in every now and then.