Sixties inspired beauty story

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Charlotte P @ Nemesis
Thembi Mkandla MUA & Hair

Info –

Canon 5D mkii
EF 70-200 L

28 inch beauty dish via Bowens 500 very slightly off centre front and above. White reflector below.

A couple from a full day in the studio shooting four beauty looks Thembi and myself wanted to try.
It’s always fun to see how one girl can look so different from the moment she walks through that door in the morning to the shots we get.

Lost in a dream.

This one I posted a teaser of a week back, so if you want to see how much reworking I do have a scroll back through the posts and compare . . . . .
I really really adore this photograph, I usually find myself with a feeling of almost disappointment when I show my final images, probably mainly due to my own very high expectations of myself. Sure I like what I create but I don’t LOVE it. From this shoot I think I’m closer to love.

Plus a peek of look #3

Beauty Shots

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Model – Charlotte Farrey (Industry People)
MUA’s – Lisa Murray, Meg Lindow & Lucy Hill

Shot @ Cassie Lomas Academy, Manchester.

Just in case you thought I’d gone all quiet on the fashion / beauty work front. Far from it my friends.

CLA Beauty Shots - Studio Portfolio

CLA Beauty Shots - Studio Portfolio

Kitchen Garden Lighting Set-up

Kitchen Garden Lighting Set-up, originally uploaded by bang*.

Day 260 / 365

Time for a little something different again.
Here’s one from todays final set of shots for the N.T. editorial piece, only this time with an added educational aspect.

Strobistamatic info –
As photo;
1 x Speedlight gridded high and camera right, to provide a little pop to the food.
1 x Speedlight (on top of wall) high behind food to give backlighting / rim (replicate the sun which was over the wall).

White big reflector hand held just out of frame (left) to kick a little of the spill back in.

Could I not have just shot this available light, yeah but it looked a little dead without some modelling and to be honest where’s the fun in that.

Rf – 603 triggers.

Canon 1Dmkiii, Sigma 50mm f1.4

Splish, Splash, Splosh. Water on the Carpet.

Splish, Splash, Splosh, originally uploaded by bang*.

25 / 365

Getting up at 4am this morning in order to get to todays job had me a little dulled when it came to todays shot. I had another image in mind but then a better set up for it struck me so it’s now on the backburner for another day.
That left me playing with water and electricity for a lovely crown of a water splash. I’m wanting to try this with milk or cream and summer berries later in the year, i’ll have a better (drier) set up for that though, this one was fast & loose.
Alright I’m going to have 5 minutes under my desk then it’s back to it with marketing to do and a brief to agree.

Playing in the fading light of day

Rosedale Cross

Originally uploaded by bang*

Rosedale Cross

Rode by this spot a while ago and my creative mind went into meltdown. For two weeks my vision for this shot has been developing and maturing in my head. I knew that I’d be getting the sunset in the background, I wanted to bring along a strobe to light the cross so that it popped out of the background, giving it more prominance.
So yesterday I headed out with my vision in my head and a bag full of kit.
A couple of hours shooting and I knew I’d not only nailed my initial idea but also found a couple of other interesting shots.

I’ve been spending time learning more off camera flash work lately and It really helped me realise my vision in this shoot. I’m going to give props to Mr DuChemin for getting me back to working with my vision and to Mr Arias for helping me out with the knowledge to figure out that I could achieve this.

Light Stalking

One of the good things about working for yourself is the ability to hand yourself some time off to work on something you want to do or learn.

I’ve given myself some such time this summer to work on my lighting.

My normal chosen arena for portraits is natural light using at most a reflector (but only at a push if I can’t find an environmental reflector). While I love working with natural light I’ve been looking at a number of other photographers work and have become inspired by some of the looks that they’re achieving using off camera flash both indoors and outdoors. Up until this point my use of flash outdoors has been restricted to minimal fill in the daytime (on very rare occasions where client needs demand it), and any studio work has been taken with bigger unwieldly monoblock flash units sticking to my tried and tested set ups (as I know they work and will get me what my client needs). I’m starting to envisage a whole new lighting ethos for me, I’ve seen some one light set ups which produce some really styled looking photographs. I’m really enjoying my “me” time, just creating, playing, exploring and learning.

One speedlight, one reflector, one happy result.

Playing with light

So I managed to make it through a brutal couple of weeks shooting and have decided to take some “me” time. As an avid user of natural light for portraits outdoors and big studio monoblocks for studio work, I decided that this summer i’m going to explore the world of strobes (as the photobloggers like to call them, we used to call them flash’s or flashguns, but hey) & off camera flash set ups. I refuse to shoot anything with a flash on top of my camera, it isn’t pretty and it shows a lack of invention. Okay maybe in a pinch i’ll put it on there but it’s going to be bounced off something.

I’ve dusted off my old strobe kit, found some new stuff, discovered some novel uses for existing kit and i’m generally having a hoot doing it. So going along with my man Chase, i’m creating and sharing my results.

Here’s a little something from the other evening, strobe info and such can be found by clicking through to my flickr stream.

Strobist portrait fun.

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