and now for something completely different

and now for something completely different

Told you I’d been out and about in between my hectic shoot schedule of late. Here’s a little of the personal work I’ve neglected posting for a while.

Sometimes you have to stand out from the crowd in order to reach for the sky.

Leica M8.2 40mm f/2 Summicron

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Tree, Alone.

Tree, Alone., originally uploaded by bang*.

Day 329 / 365

Lone tree, alone in it’s thoughts of spring and the return of it’s leaves.

Winter is starting to take a hold, just as we are starting to try and toilet train the puppy. Poor little puppy sat shivering outside unsure as to why we have to be there. He’ll get it I’m sure, I just hope he does before the first snow . . . . . . . .

Dean’s Park HP5+

Dean’s Park HP5+, originally uploaded by bang*.

Day 258 / 365

Still feeling the call of the film. After a little step back into the medium format world I’ve decided that in order to keep the bank manager happy I’d better stick to 35mm for all but the commissioned work on film. 220 sure is pretty but it’s darn costly to get dev’ed & scanned (even low res).
Here’s a little Ilford HP5+ action in Dean’s Park.

Blowin’ in the Wind // Lone Tree

Blowin’ in the Wind // Lone Tree, originally uploaded by bang*.

Day 256 / 365

After a couple of days of breezy conditions I figured the 365 needed a little memento of the weather.

My B&W period continues . . . . . .

If you really just have to know what this was shot on then maybe If you ask I’ll tell. I got what I was going for though (or at least close too it).
On another side note, I learnt today that I can get from being asleep in my bed to in the car with it full of kit and on the road in 15 minutes when pushed . . . . . . However this is one feat I don’t have any desire to repeat, ever. Everything worked out fine though so all was good.