Would you fall to pieces if I never came back . . . . . .

Editorial test., originally uploaded by bang*.

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Goodtimes and giggles all whilst denying any desire to be Justin Timberlake.

Back to basics and breaking the “rules” that the photography gods would have you believe are there to protect you.
My kind of shoot, finding the “me” in my work again.

Huge thanks to Melissa (unsigned so snap her up despite missing those last couple of inches). I think she may have been a little worried of messing up but she pretty much killed it.

Editorial test.

I was once told that apparently shooting in broad midday sunshine with the subject stood in it makes for really terrible photographs. Well if these are terrible photographs then so be it, I like terrible photographs. Know light and know how it works, that should be a given for every photographer. Don’t fear the light just know how to use it.

More to follow over the next few days . . . . . . .