Extra reasons to love film

Reasons to love film, originally uploaded by bang*.

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Have I mentioned that I love my Leica?

Leica CL

40mm f2 Summicron

Kodak TriX 400


I know I’ve posted an early version of this shot already but here it is all finished up (just about after a re-scan) super happy with it, although I have managed to pretty much kill the negative via an oversight and a school boy error. At least I’ve got my scans.

Reasons to love film

Here’s a film version of the digital shot I used from this shoot. Just preferred the expression and pose of the digital, love the soul of this Tri-X shot though.


Reasons to love film

One of the reasons I still shoot film alongside my digital.

Fashion Editorial, originally uploaded by bang*.

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Sometimes the world stops to take a breath. This is where you will find me waiting.
Visual lyrics forming a poem for my eyes.

Model : Sarah Hurrell
MUA / Hair : Vicki Suddaby – https://www.facebook.com/VickiSuddabyMakeupArtist
Photographer : Mark Ivkovic (That would be me again)

Kodak Tri X 400
Leica CL
40mm Summicron

Oh the reason? I kinda guessed that was obvious.

(C)over boy // Reworked by himself

(C)over boy // Reworked by himself, originally uploaded by bang*.

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Another from last week with Jaime, well I say another it’s the same shot from before but with a little something something. He’s somewhat of a creative man and put this together. I dig it and figured I’d share the love. Check out more of Jaimes stuff here jwandsmurrayillustration.tumblr.com/

Model : Jamie Wands-Murray (Maverick Models)
Photographer : Mark Ivkovic (moi!)
Post Production – Jaime

Leica CL 40mm f2
Kodak Tri X in D76 (standard)

(C)over Boy

(C)over Boy, originally uploaded by bang*.

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Model : Jamie Wands-Murray (Maverick Models)
Photographer : Mark Ivkovic (moi!)

Leica CL 40mm f2
Kodak Tri X in D76 (standard)

Using the film cameras more and more for these shoots. Partly as I’m starting to trust that they still work and partly as I’m still in love with that little difference that the film look has.
I’m still running with the Film26 project, 26 two week periods of the year where we work through the alphabet for subject matter. You may now understand the title of the photo & this post.
I have to say I’m blown away by this little rangefinder. Previous to the CL I’ve used a rare (simply because they’re kinda worthless and mostly broken) Lordomat & a Yashica MG-1 (cheap as chips fixed lens “compact” rangefinder from the 60’s (ish).
Before you all get “I thought you were immune to G.A.S.” this was all early(ish) last year during my long term GAS illness.
Now the Lordomat was my first rangefinder camera and for that I dig it, it is also a thing of beauty. All chrome and metal and heavy. The lens was actually pretty good if slightly dreamy wide open. I just hated the tiny (and I mean tiny) viewfinder. So I started looking for something to replace it with (whilst ignoring the Leicas) I really wanted something handy but also quick to use almost as a snapshot camera. So I headed into the muddy waters of 60’s Compact rangefinders. Compact is a laugh, you’ll see if you ever pick one up. The Olympus 35 SP was my real aim but not for the price they now go for. So I stuck with the Yashica Electro that isn’t a Yashica Electro and only cost me £15. It’s okay, shot plenty of stuff with it but the aperture priority only shooting mode really started to bug me as I had to rely on the meter firstly being right and secondly being accurate.
So to the Leica CL. This is pretty much exactly what I’ve wanted from a rangefinder since I discovered how much I like them. Sure i’ll admit it isn’t a Leica M but it takes M lenses and shoots the same film. It’s lighter, smaller and has a built in meter (which works). Plus if someone asks to see it I’m not going to have to ask them to pay a deposit before I hand it over.
Maybe soon I’ll run through my medium format camera of choice these days. I’ve been trying a few different systems (via a process of begging and borrowing) over the last 6 months or so and I’m now feeling sure that I’ve found my camera.
So more film coming from me in various sizes, type and such. Five rolls went to the lab yesterday and I’m planning on running a good few through the cameras during my shoots this weekend.

Oh happy Valentines and all that too.


(C)over Boy


Fork – eh – ReDux

Fork – eh – ReDux, originally uploaded by bang*.

Day 300 / 365

Day 300 . . . . . . . . . .
Who would have thought it.
A little semi-repeat of a shot I did way back in the early days of this year, this one I really like. Love how film has that look in the out of focus areas that just isn’t quite so sweet with digital.

Not long now.

Kodak Tri-X souped and shaken and banged about in some D76

How things have changed since the beginning of this project. I guess the fact that I have to produce a photograph each day has meant that instead of thinking “Hey it might be nice to run a roll of film through the old camera” or “I’ve always fancied having a go at that” I now just go ahead and do it in the name of getting something for this 365.
My ranty blog posts have dried up though, partly because i’m pretty busy and partly because I’m more concerned with getting myself to where I want to be by the end of the year. I have some hard work ahead over the next month or two, I’m hustling like never before.
One day I’ll be happy with the body of work I’ve created but I think that day will be the day I retire. Part of my drive comes from the fact that I’m never content with what I’ve created.
Until that day I’ll keep on striving to express myself via these photographs.

Something to try for the next week or two, the Goods & the Bads.

Developing Tri-X (there is just something magical about opening the tank and seeing photographs, real physical photographs, sure they’re negatives but still)
Being busy again
New collaboration opportunities
A couple of exciting upcoming shoots
Shooting with the Bronica again
Feeling super excited and passionate about my business again after spending quite a long time drifting along.
All the really inspirational blogs and journals out there in the interworld, some make me laugh, some make me cry and others make me feel much of my work is almost petty (which I now understand is a positive thing for me).

Scanning negatives . . . . takes . . . . .sooo . . . .very . . . . . . long. . . . . . .
The cost of getting colour 120 film dev’ed & scanned (but it’s sure worth it)
Fuji FP-100c instant film, I just can’t get on with the stuff, too slow and has an odd colour tint.
Counting the cost of some silly purchasing mistakes so far this year (more on this at a later date as I figure I should share the mistakes with the successes)
Missed opportunities

Hanging with an old friend

Hanging with an old friend, originally uploaded by bang*.

Day 299 / 365

After a couple of disapointing rolls from the Yashica I decided to go back to what I now in regards medium format. Many years ago I used one of these babies on a near daily basis, luckily I’ve managed to convice this one to spend a little time with me for a couple of shoots to see how it might fit in to my current line up.
Out with the square (well it’s on the shelf), in with the 645 Bronica ETRSi. The first roll of Portra 400 should be back from the lab by the weekend.

Kodak Tri-X shaken about in D76

A Tangiable Creation

A Tangiable Creation, originally uploaded by bang*.

Day 276 / 365

Nothing brings me back to why I love photography more than actually creating a physical thing. Digital is great and all but what it creates is just some electrical charge and little static craziness on your memory card which you later copy to the computer etc. Film however, now that has some reality, a tangible creation if you will.

Kodak Tri-X, dev’ed by my good self in some safe as houses old D76. Yummy.

Yashica MG-1